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Counting Down to Christmas and the Start of the Sun – Oops I necessarily mean SON

Counting Down to Christmas and the Start of the Sun – Oops I necessarily mean SON

Individuals familiar with the Worldwide Church of God know that after many a long time of observing what most would simply call “Jewish Holidays” but with Christian importance, the Church has now switched to the more generically appropriate Christian vacations, these types of as Easter and Xmas. In the previous, these Spring Equinox, Summer season Solstice, Tumble Equinox and Winter season Solstice holidays ended up changed by the recognition of Passover in excess of Easter in the Spring and the Festival of Tabernacles in the Fall above Xmas. When no religious holy working day springs from a vacuum, and the Jewish Holy Times, also sprang from the pagan agricultural vacations that preceded them, I speculate if the Around the world Church of God, and all Christians would be intrigued and challenged to notice just exactly which “Son” was being born on Christmas and why?

Plainly put, the tale of Jesus’ a person calendar year ministry as described in Mark, Matthew and Luke, is an astrological allegory of the journey the literal Sunlight will take by means of the twelve indicators of the Zodiac in a person 12 months. The journey of the SON/Sunlight commences at the start of the Sun and SON in December, brought forth by a virgin of all points, and ends just before Xmas on December 22-24, the time the Sunlight seems to be “in the grave” prior to remaining born once more on the 25th by going ever so marginally north once again and heading toward spring. Jesus also used his 3 times in the grave as we recall.

Very first of all why would I say that the Virgin brings forth the Sunshine and the Virgin bringing forth the literal SON of God later on in print was not the primary tale? For the reason that the more mature phenomenon is the sky story noticed long before it was produced literal for the masses. On Christmas day, in certain 2000 many years ago when through Jesus time, the Indicator of Aries the Lamb was coming to an conclusion, signified by the crucifixion of the Lamb in the Spring, the sky on Christmas early morning confirmed an attention-grabbing sight. Just prior to sunrise, the Sun sits on the horizon about to be “born.” At the zenith, the superior stage in the sky, at that minute, is the zodiacal constellation of Virgo, the Virgin who is MOST Large, MOST Blessed, at that instant the Sun is born. Definitely, and anciently, “and the virgin shall deliver for the Sun.” The prophecy states that “they shall phone his (THE SON) title, Immanuel, which usually means “God with us.” But the literal SON Jesus was by no means named Immanuel. However, the true Sunlight, as Sunlight of GOD is often Immanuel, usually with us. The Bible even says of “God” that His electric power is from the rising of the sunlight until eventually the going down there of.” No a single thinks this by means of. God’s energy is only fantastic during the working day is what this is saying. God’s electricity finishes at sundown in accordance to this scripture. Evidently this Sunshine GOD has not energy after sunset, which of training course is the true Sunshine and not the literalized GOD or SON of GOD. Malachi tells us that the Messiah, but contacting him the Solar, “shall come up with healing in his wings.” The wings of the solar are the rays that look to jet out owing to the way people see the sunlight when they attempt to glimpse at it. Just one of the excellent symbols of Egypt is the sunlight disc with terrific chicken wings coming out left and right. It is really an previous image of how the sunlight appears to be like to human beings.

Let us go on a bit earlier the beginning of the Sunshine/Son on Christmas morning. The Gospels say that Jesus was “about 30 years old” when he commenced his ministry. The Solar/SON was born in December in the signal of Capricorn again then which is the Goat, and may perhaps account for some of the Nativity scene animals that were being afterwards produced virtually real in the tale. Just about every House of the Zodiac takes up approximately 30 levels of the sky (30×12=360). So the Sunlight also is about 30 when it enters the next signal of the Zodiac in January, which just comes about to be the similar Individual Jesus the SON visited when he commenced his ministry! This would be Aquarius, the Waterman for the Solar but John the Baptizer for Jesus the SON. Same story. One in the sky, one built literal on earth. Similar Story! Both Sunlight and SON are baptized by the Waterman throughout this month and both improve, that is hold going toward Spring for the Sun or into his ministry for the SON. Aquarius and John, the Watermen on the other hand, should lower and though 1 sets, the other is decapitated. It is no coincidence that when Aquarius appears to rise all over again 6 months later on at dawn as an alternative of sink at sunset, the head arrives up initially opposite Leo the Lion, signal of Herod who had him murdered pretty much. Aquarius, in the morning sunrise appears to be beheaded by Leo who is heading down. Could this be why later in Jesus ministry Herod thinks that John the Baptist is coming back from the useless or had risen, simply because Aquarius is increasing once more just after likely down six months previously? Is this a heavenly astro-theological tale built virtually correct?

Also, at dawn and prior to Xmas day, the 3 stars in the belt of Orion the Hunter rose vertically and adopted the sunlight across the sky all day, only to free it in sunset. Each wintertime morning this scene would development with the 3 “Magi” growing bigger and previously each individual working day chasing the Sunshine/SON. When the tale was literalized, it missing it truly is widespread perception. In the literal story we find the Magi declaring, “We have witnessed his star in the east ….” They then proceed to stick to it West with it ending up turning south and hovering ideal above the position where Jesus was. It would be a dumb detail to see a star seeking east, watch it go in excess of head in time and then flip west to abide by it to Jerusalem. You would engage in this recreation ever night for awhile. 1st head east, then look up, then turn and head west. I doubt this was the strategy of the Magi who could not have been that silly. Nevertheless, when not taken basically we have the 3 stars, neatly aligned in Orion,s Belt growing like hikers in the east and heading west pursuing the Sunlight or SON that has to be in the West to discover. Fantastic astro-theology but a little bit funky when created literally genuine. It may possibly demonstrate why Herod could not see the exact same Star and experienced to ask for the Magi to discover Jesus for him. It was taking place in the sky, not the palace. A great Gnostic would say “of class, this is where by the tale will come from.”

Well soon soon after Aquarius and John slip off the scene and Jesus goes on his way, he goes straight away into the wilderness to be tempted not to be all he can be by Satan. This would be the Sun, climbing from Wintertime and heading to Spring and then becoming the Most Higher at the Summer time Solstice, but however weak as it is early in the match. Jesus may well continue to be also young, as well weak to continue, so Satan, i.e. Darkness tempts him to be not be Jesus the SON or Solar. The darkness of Winter season does not want to go and desires to avoid the Sunshine/SON from en-lightening the entire world, or as we may say, Satan does not would like Jesus the SON to get absent the sins (darkness) of the globe. Darkness in the human psyche is the environment of evil and anxiety…the world of Satan. Jesus as the SON, just like the Sunshine may well just defeat the darkness of wintertime and Satan if he won’t be able to be disuaded at this weak time of his cycle.

But alas, you are unable to quit the seasons, so Jesus and the Sunlight go to Spring and Easter, which is the time when the Sunlight has the identical toughness as the darkish, when day and night are Equi-nox or Equivalent Evenings. It is really Easter for the reason that the Sunlight rises because of east and gives SON worshippers a route in which to pray on Easter morning. Satan is perfectly on the way to getting defeated with the Sunlight/SON becoming crucified actually in Aries the Lamb, (April-Easter) which Jesus was also termed and the Sun in Aries the Lamb as indication of the Zodiac. For the Solar the crucifixion will take place where by the Celestial Equator crosses the Ecliptic and the Sunlight sits appropriate on the intersection of it at Easter, and for Jesus it happens, exact same time in Jerusalem, pretty much.

It is not coincidence that the Age of Aries the Lamb, which ended with the Solar transferring into PICES because of to the progression of the equinox each 2190 a long time or so, close to the time of Jesus coincides with the demise of the Lamb of God, the Son, Jesus. It is a image. “Behold, I am with you, even unto the end of the age,” reported Jesus. This was not the stop of the entire world as some feel, but the Lamb Jesus would be with them till the stop of the astrological age of Aries and then Pices the Fish would start out. It is also no coincidence that the image for the SON/SUN’s Church is the fish, nor that in the age of Pices Christians had been to be “fishers of gentlemen.” The fishing motif in the Gospels is all about the age of Aries ending all over the time of Jesus and the Age of Pices, the Fishes, starting. It is no coincidence that suitable immediately after Jesus overcame Satan, he went to Galilee, which signifies “circuit” as in circuit of the SON, or Solar depending on which site you are seeing the story in, he satisfies TWO FISHERMEN, Peter and Andrew and tends to make them Disciples. Jesus producing his circuit all all around Galilee, which usually means “circuit,” with his 12 disciples encompass him, is no distinct than the Sun building it’s circuit (Galilee) surrounded by it is really 12 zodiacal disciples. The Sign of Pices is that of two fish. It is not coincidence that in the feeding of the multitudes, there had been TWO Fish and 5 loaves symbolizing the five identified planets of the time, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

Very well there is substantially more. When Jesus as SON stood on the mount of transfiguration in the summer months of his a person 12 months ministry, his experience shone like the Sunlight at midday. This is simply because this earthly event is the literal fact in the cosmos that in June, the summer time Solstice finds the Sunlight at its greatest, remaining the MOST Substantial for the calendar year and brilliant light. Jesus, standing on that “superior mountain” in summer season, face shining like the sunshine was carrying out what the Sun was doing as properly as MOST Substantial right around his head. This is not coincidence possibly. From June, it is all down hill for the Sun and for Jesus the SON. Cancer the crab, which moves backwards and is for July and August symbolizes that the SON and Sunlight had been likely backwards now to their destiny. Jesus is betrayed in the Slide by Judas, that scorpion, just as the Sunlight is stung and betrayed by Scorpio in its dive to oblivion in December. The Archer then normally takes above as Sagittarius, just as the mob does and both equally Sunlight and SON are pierced. They die in late December showing to be long gone and as the Solar lies for three days in the southern hemisphere, regarded the grave and seems to neither go further south, nor come back again north, so Jesus lies three days as the SON of GOD in the grave. This is December 22-24, the Winter Solstice, But it is really all very good. One December 25th the Solar and SON are born and introduced forth by the Virgin Mary or the Virgin Virgo overhead and the cycle starts once again.

Fairly great huh? At any time listen to that in Church? You will never. But comprehend, the Solar that rises and sets everyday close to the earth, although holding little attention of modern-day chaotic gentlemen and girls nowadays, was THE supply of all faith on the planet. Since the greatest concern guys have and have experienced in record is fear of the darkish. Darkish was evil and so became “The Evil” or “De-evil or Satan. Just as the Sunshine of GOD overcomes the darkness as it will make it can be a person 12 months increase and tumble from delivery to loss of life, so Jesus as the literalized SON of GOd, overcomes the Satan and delivers us from darkness way too. The story that is actually real transpires in the cosmos, in excess of your head just about every moment of each day, thirty day period and yr. The more suspect 1, designed actually accurate, is what you listen to in Sunday school….Hey! Sunlight Day Faculty!!!!!!!