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Camping Gear Canada – Preparing Camping Gear For Canada

Camping Gear Canada – Preparing Camping Gear For Canada

Are you planning to go to Canada? Do you live in Canada? Yes, you heard right. Canada has various sites for camping in different terrains and climates. All you need to do is to plan for a proper camping gear once you have decided the place of your choice. For people, who love to freak out, Canada is the best place to visit for vacations.

Russia is the largest country in the world and Canada is the second. So, you can imagine the number of places you have to visit in such a big country. It has coastlines on the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific ocean and six time zones.

Only the southern portion of Canada has hostile northern climate and therefore majority of people love to live there only. This portion of Canada has lushy green scenery and forests due to adequate rain in the area. Moreover, there are warm Pacific air currents from the west that adds to its environment.

Rocky Mountains starts after these forests that have high plateaus and rugged mountains. You would discover wheat fields when you enter into the Canada towards east. But when we move further towards east, the Arctic and Atlantic cold make the conditions very harsh.

Therefore, western and central Canada is the favorite places for the campers. From May to September, Canada is best for camping. Some people say that this is the camping season in Canada when most of the campers plan to camp. Many people like to camp around Canada in the month of June to August as the weather is warm and stable in those months. Canada is famous for unpredictable weather, therefore you should always carry sufficient camping gear along with you once you have decided the place you would camp.

Place where you would be visiting in Canada plays a vital role in your checklist for the camping gear. In a country like Canada with various terrains and weather conditions, it is advised to plan your camping according to the place you are visiting. For example, if you are visiting west coast of Canada where the weather is rainy then you should prefer carrying sleeping bag and a waterproof tent along with some plastic tarp to protect you in case of heavy rains.

In case, you are planning to visit central Canada then you need not to equip yourself with waterproof tents as the weather here is like desert. You would only require good quality tents and sleeping bags. You can browse internet to find the checklist for camping in various parts of Canada to be sure of your protection.

Canada being a campers paradise, has various weather conditions for you to offer. This weather also gifts you with types of bugs and insects, so remember to carry an insect repellent in your camping checklist. This would help you to safeguard yourself from mosquitoes and other bugs.