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20 Best Restaurants in Bozeman (Top Places to Eat)

20 Best Restaurants in Bozeman (Top Places to Eat)

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Bozeman is a hotbed of adventure and exploration. The most underrated aspect of the town, however, is the food. The best restaurants in Bozeman are found downtown where visitors can find everything from fine dining to quick, healthy options.

Each time I visit Bozeman, I do my best to try new restaurants. More and more pop up each year that have their own unique flare. Take advantage of the wonderful restaurant choices next time you visit.

20 Best Restaurants in Bozeman

Below are the 20 best restaurants to visit in Bozeman. Whenever I head to a new city I heavily rely on reviews of restaurants to help me decide where to eat.

My recommendations for the list below are compiled from personal experiences and reviews for the top-rated restaurants in Bozeman.

1. South 9th Bistro (Best Restaurant in Bozeman Overall)

South 9th Bistro has been recognized by TripAdvisor several times. Ever since 2016, it’s been rated as the top Bozeman restaurant. What’s more, in 2020 and 2021, it received the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award.

If these accomplishments don’t convince you to visit, perhaps the charm, the service, and the food will.

Cognac-marinated grilled ribeye steak with steak fries and asparagus on a ceramic plate.

South 9th Bistro is easy to spot as it is located in an orange Victorian home. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating and the service is sure to please.

The menu features a selection of French-American plates all made from scratch (including vegetarian and gluten-free options). I tried the wild mushroom risotto on my visit to South 9th, and I can tell you, it lives up to the hype.

South 9th Bistro Info

Address: 721 S 9th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 404-1244
Operating Hours: 5pm-8pm, Tue-Sat
Must-Try Meals: Coquilles St. Jacques (sea scallops), 16+oz Cognac-marinated Grilled Ribeye, Black Truffle Wild Mushroom Risotto.
Average Cost: $12-$20 per starter, $32-47 per main, $10 for desserts
Website: south9thbistro.com

2. Nova Cafe (Best Brunch in Bozeman)

Located in the heart of downtown Bozeman, Nova Cafe offers a unique breakfast and brunch menu that features local ingredients. The cafe itself is bright and bustling and has been around since 2005.

The website also displays the various locals they have partnerships with for their ingredients.

You’re guaranteed to be satisfied at Nova Cafe. Whether you’re looking for a classic breakfast of eggs, toast, and sausages, an omelet, or something sweet like pancakes or french toast, your cravings will be fulfilled. And don’t miss the delicious coffee or tea you can enjoy with your meal.

Nova Cafe Info

Address: 312 E Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 587 3973
Operating Hours: 8am-2pm, Mon-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Huevos Rancheros, The Standard, Pancakes
Average Cost: $3-$6 per side, $14-19 per main, $4-6 for coffee/tea
Website: thenovacafe.com

3. Backcountry Burger Bar (Best Burger in Bozeman)

Backcountry Burger Bar is located in the heart of Bozeman and has the city in mind as its meat is locally raised and processed. The menu features local ingredients and is very reasonably priced.

Stop at the Backcountry Burger Bar next time you find yourself in downtown Bozeman for fresh ingredients, affordable prices, and a fun environment.

Close shot of a gourmet burger with handcut fries on the side.

I love burger places that prioritize fresh meat, and the Backcountry Burger Bar nails it. Plus, the decor is great to look at.

Backcountry Burger Bar Info

Address: 125 W Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 577-2454
Operating Hours: 11am-9pm, Tue-Sat
Must-Try Meals: Backcountry Burger, Calamity Jane Burger, Electric Sandwich (hot chicken)
Average Cost: $6-10 per starter, $10-14 per main, $6-8 for beer and wine
Website: backcountryburgerbar.com

4. Jam! (Best Brunch in Bozeman)

If you stop at Jam! for breakfast or brunch, you are sure to have good food and a good time! Jam offers unique twists to common breakfast food in an energetic atmosphere. Offering breakfast, lunch, mimosas, beer, and coffee, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Get to Jam! early to get a seat at this popular, energetic, and delicious spot in downtown Bozeman. I had to wait 45 minutes for a table on a Friday morning, but the chicken and biscuits were worth the wait. All kinds of people frequent Jam! and everyone is welcome.

Jam! Info

Address: 25 W Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 585-1761
Operating Hours: 7am-3:30PM, Mon-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Stuffed French Toast, Chicken and Biscuit Benedict, Breakfast Burrito
Average Cost: $5-$10 per starter, $10-20 per main, $3 for desserts (example)
Website: jamonmain.com

5. Plonk Bozeman (Best for Fine Dining Bozeman)

Plonk is known for its comfortable atmosphere where people can enjoy a combination of food, music, and wine. Located in a beautiful venue, Plonk is a great place to stop by for a cocktail after work or for an elaborate nine-course meal in a private cellar for a special celebration.

The music played here is an electric selection perfectly suited to the mood and the environment, and the artwork is original to emphasize the building’s history.

On a plate, a close-up of a rare venison steak fillet seasoned with fresh herbs and mashed.

At Plonk all of your senses will be engaged and pleased.

Plonk Bozeman Info

Address: 29 E Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 587-2170
Operating Hours: 3pm-1:30am, Mon-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Chef’s Cheese Board, Bison Flank Steak Salad, Cervena Venison Rib Rack
Average Cost: $12-$24 per starter, $28-$42 per main, $12 for desserts
Website: plonkwine.com

6. Revelry (Best Patio in Bozeman)

Revelry is known for locally sourced ingredients, wholesome and savory plates, and food that celebrates Montana roots, To top it all off, Revelry is located in an energetic setting in a Bozeman neighborhood.

Revelry is a great place to grab lunch with a friend or do dinner on the patio with. The menu is diverse in its offering including fresh salads, pasta, pork chops, fish, burgers, and pizza.

The Montana Steak Burger is a perfect combination of ground steak and beef, and I can tell you, the flavors definitely pop.

Revelry Info

Address: 24 N Tracy Ave. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 404-1400
Operating Hours: 11am-10pm, Mon-Fri
Must-Try Meals: Montana steak-burger, Montana Huckleberry & Chevre Salad, Woodsmoke BBQ Pizza
Average Cost: $12 per starter, $16-28 per main, $6-$11 for desserts (example)
Website: revelrymt.com

7. Whistle Pig Korean (Best for Korean Food)

Whistle Pig Korean is a casual and modern spot to enjoy authentic chef-prepared Korean food in downtown Bozeman. Whistle Pig aims to serve fast, fresh, and healthy Korean food.

Dishes like Bibimbap, Mandu, and Kimbap make up the menu and they also offer many vegan and vegetarian options too.

The best for Korean food is kimchi kimbap.

Whistle Pig Korean is unique in that it is one of the only authentic Korean spots in the area. Dak Bulgogi is my favorite Korean dish, and it’s even better than my Korean college roommate would make (don’t tell him).

Whistle Pig Korean Info

Address: 25 N Willson Ave. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 404-1224
Operating Hours: 4pm-9pm, Wed-Sat
Must-Try Meals: Spicy Pork Bimimbap, Kimchi Kimbap, Galbi
Average Cost: $7-$13 per starter, $13-$22 per main
Website: whistlepigkorean.com

8. Main Street Overeasy (Best for Breakfast in Bozeman)

Main Street Overeasy is a historic breakfast spot in Bozeman known to offer the best breakfast in town. Established in 1998, locals have been visiting this downtown spot for years.

You can tell it’s a popular place as it’s usually very busy no matter what day of the week. Make sure to get there early or be prepared for a wait.

People rave about their cinnamon rolls so much so that they often run out part way through the morning. Visit Main Street Overeasy where you’ll be guaranteed friendly service and delicious food.

Main Street Overeasy Info

Address: 9 E Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 587-3205
Operating Hours: 7am-2pm, Mon-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Biscuits and Gravy, Smoked Salmon Benedict, Cinnamon Rolls
Average Cost: $3-$6 per sides/cinnamon rolls, $12-16 per main
Website: mainstreetovereasy.com

9. Last Call Modern Mexican (Best Mexican Food in Bozeman)

Located in downtown Bozeman, Last Call serves Modern Mexican cuisine rooted in the Baja Mexican culture. The food served here celebrates the local seasonal ingredients from Montana and food from the Pacific Ocean and Mexico.

The Margaritas, the carne asada fries, and the salsa are popular choices. Make a stop here for fresh modern Mexican food in a vibrant environment.

Mexican fish ceviche marinated in lime juice with raw onion with crispy fried tortillas.

Don’t underestimate the ceviche. If you’re okay with citrus-cooked fish, you’ll love the ceviche at Last Call Modern Mexican.

Last Call Modern Mexican Info

Address: 19 S Wilson Ave. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 404-1237
Operating Hours: 5pm-9pm, Tue-Sat
Must-Try Meals: Ceviche Traditional, California Burrito, Carne Asada Fries
Average Cost: $7-$25 per starter, $13-25 per main
Website: lastcallbzn.com

10. I-Ho’s Korean Grill (Best Asian Food in Bozeman)

If you’re a fan of authentic Korean food, you’ll be pleased to know you can find it in Bozeman; head to I-Ho’s Korean Grill. Hundreds of reviews affirm the friendly staff, the clean environment, and the delicious and authentic dishes available.

I-Ho’s offers dine-in and pick-up options and also offers vegetarian and gluten-free choices.

I-Ho’s Korean Grill Info

Address: 321 W Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 404-1653
Operating Hours: 11am-8pm, Mon-Fri (example)
Must-Try Meals: Galbibop, Basic Bimimbop, Spicy Korean Ramen
Average Cost: $8-$18 per soup, $14-$24 per main
Website: I-hos-korean-grill.square.site

11. Blackbird (Best Italian in Bozeman)

If you are looking for some delicious Italian dishes with a side of sumptuous wine, Blackbird is the place for you.

Offering a large selection of appetizers, a few pasta dishes, and many different pizzas, you’ll be able to try many different things and find something you love! And don’t forget about the large selection of wines.

A delicious Margherita pizza.

If you sit at the bar, you’ll have a perfect view of the wood-fired oven where the pizza is made. Make a reservation or arrive early to get a table at this popular Italian restaurant in Bozeman.

Blackbird Info

Address: 140 E Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 586-0010
Operating Hours: 4:30pm-9pm, Mon-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Margherita Pizza, Short Rib Meatballs, Ricotta Ravioli
Average Cost: $5-$16 per starter, $17-$45 per main
Website: blackbirdkitchen.com

12. Sidewall Pizza Company (Best Pizza in Bozeman/Best Restaurant for Locals)

Sidewall Pizza Company is known to be a family-friendly pizza place run by locals and made for locals. Sidewall serves thin-crust pizza, fresh salads, and homemade ice cream with both indoor and outdoor seating options. The large patio is known to be a great place to hang out and enjoy some pizza and a beer or two.

Sidewall is perfect for a date night, a family gathering, or a birthday party. Visit Sidewall Pizza Company to satisfy your cravings for pizza and ice cream. Their ice cream is homemade, and it’s some of the best I’ve had in Bozeman.

Sidewall Pizza Company Info

Address: 207 W Olive St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 570-0730
Operating Hours: 11am-9pm, Tue-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Stuffed Pizza, Greek Salad, or any pizza on the menu!
Average Cost: $8-$13 per starter, $17-$28 per main, $3-$7 for desserts
Website: sidewallpizza.com

13. Cateye Cafe (Best Cafe in Bozeman)

The Cateye Cafe has been featured on the Food Network and seen in Bon Appetit. Recognized for its comfort food in a unique kitschy space with a cat theme, this cafe has been family-owned for over 20 years and the Caracciolo family does well to create an environment where everyone feels at home.

Make a stop at the iconic Cateye Cafe for breakfast or lunch.

BLT club sandwich with lettuce tomato and bacon.

Cateye Cafe Info

Address: 23 N Tracy Ave. Bozeman, Mt 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 587-8844
Operating Hours: 7am-2pm, Thurs-Tues
Must-Try Meals: The Alley Cat, Purrfect Lunch, Gravy Love
Average Cost: $3-$6 per sides, $12-$20 per main
Website: cateyecafe.com

14. Naked Noodle (Best Cheap Eats Bozeman)

Known for its signature Mac & Cheese and Pad Thai Noodles, the Naked Noodle offers delicious food in a lively and casual environment. The Naked Noodle intentionally hires staff that contribute to this fun setting.

Stop at Naked Noodle for a diverse menu including salads, mac & cheese, and Asian-style noodles. I often eat Mac & Cheese as a guilty pleasure after a long day of hiking the trails around Bozeman, and the Naked Noodle always hit the spot.

Naked Noodle Info

Address: 27 S Wilson Ave. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 585-4501
Operating Hours: 11am-8pm, Wed-Mon
Must-Try Meals: Grandma’s Mac & Cheese, Pad Thai Noodle, Monkey Wrench
Average Cost: $9-$20 per main
Website: nakednoodle.com

15. Hooked Sushi (Best Sushi in Bozeman )

Right on the main street of Bozeman, Hooked Sushi offers crave-worthy sushi, ramen, and appetizers for those wanting to dine in or take their meals home.

Hooked Sushi is unique in the way that it combines eastern tradition with a western flair; creating a menu with bold flavors, classic favorites, and new twists.

A close up of the veggie ramen dish

The menu is vast and gives you many different options to try and reasons to come back for more.

Hooked Sushi Info

Address: 119 E Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 577-2332
Operating Hours: 7am-9pm, Mon-Fri (example)
Must-Try Meals: Ramblin Man, Wicked Wontons, Veggie Ramen
Average Cost: $6-$14 per starter, $9-$18 per main, $6 for desserts
Website: hookedmt.com

16. Fork & Spoon (Best for Cheap Eats in Bozeman)

Fork & Spoon is Montana’s first and only pay-what-you-can restaurant. Fork & Spoon serves made-from-scratch food that’s homegrown and affordable for everyone. The chefs create a menu each week from locally sourced ingredients and serve dinner Sunday-Thursday.

Fork & Spoon offers suggested prices on each menu item but desires to create an environment where everyone is welcome to the table no matter what they can pay. If you pay more than the suggested price, it goes toward supporting others who aren’t able to pay in full.

Fork & Spoon Info

Address: 302 N 7th Ave. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 587-4225
Operating Hours: 5pm-7pm, Sun-Thurs
Must-Try Meals: Menu changes weekly
Average Cost: N/A as it is a pay-what-you-can restaurant
Website: forkandspoonbozeman.org

17. Montana Ale Works (Top Restaurant in Bozeman)

Recently voted “Best in Bozeman,” Montana Ale Works has been a local favorite since 2000. Housed in an 8,000 sq. ft. historic railway freight house, Montana Ale Works offers good food in a unique environment.

Montana Ale Works aims to support local farmers, ranchers, brewers, and distillers through their food, beer, and wine.

Meatloaf with greenbeans and mashed potatoes.

When I was passing through Bozeman, I chose to eat at Montana Ale Works and was impressed by its large space, expansive menu, and quick and friendly service. Oh, and I’ll never forget those truffle fries.

Montana Ale Works Info

Address: 611 E Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 587-7700
Operating Hours: 4pm-9pm, Mon-Fri (example)
Must-Try Meals: Classic & Local Burger, Bison Patty Melt, Montana Meatloaf
Average Cost: $7-$14 per starter, $14-$20 per main
Website: montanaaleworks.com

18. Happy Box (Best for Nightlife in Bozeman)

Happy Box is a unique dining experience located in downtown Bozeman. Happy Box is both an Asian restaurant and a Karaoke bar.

You could fill an entire evening in Bozeman by enjoying some Asian street food, staying for cocktails, and finishing the night off with some karaoke.

Happy Box Info

Address: 233 E Main St. Ste 1. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 624-6016
Operating Hours: 5pm-12am, Wed-Sun
Must-Try Meals: 24-hour Soy Braised Short Ribs, Korean Fried Chicken, House Fried Rice
Average Cost: $9 per starter, $13-$22 per main, $5 for desserts
Website: happyboxbzn.com

19. Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill (Best Fine Dining Bozeman)

Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill has a whiskey for every occasion and great food too. Copper aims to be the local place where people sit at the bar, get to know the bartender, and share good stories.

Copper collects rare whiskey from all over the world and pairs it with some good eats. The food menu features appetizers, salads, sandwiches, steak, and seafood.

The brisket sandwich is topped with a pork hot link and served with peach cobbler.

Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill Info

Address: 101 E Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 404-1700
Operating Hours: 3pm-10pm, Mon-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Brisket Sandwich, Steelhead Trout, Prime Rib
Average Cost: $9-$17 per starter, $17-$59 per main
Website: coppermontana.com

20. Roost Fried Chicken (Best Lunch in Bozeman)

Roost Fried Chicken is Bozeman’s southern restaurant that offers traditional family recipes that will remind you of mom’s best home cooking. Roost Fried Chicken was even featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives!

Come check out the iconic fried chicken and other delicious comfort food in a friendly environment.

Fried chicken is my favorite meal to eat before a backpacking trip. I stopped in here for some chicken before my most recent trip up Gallatin Peak, and it was the perfect choice.

Roost Fried Chicken Info

Address: 1520 W Main St. Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: +1 (406) 404-1475
Operating Hours: 11am-8pm, Mon-Sun
Must-Try Meals: Southern Fried Chicken, Nashville Hot Sandwich, Chicken and Waffles
Average Cost: $7 per starter, $10-$18
Website: roostfriedchicken.com

Must-Try Meals in Bozeman

As you can tell, there are many restaurants to enjoy in Bozeman. To help narrow the choices down, here are the top 5 dishes to go and find in the city.

Stuffed French Toast with blueberries.

Jam!: Stuffed French Toast

The stuffed french Toast at Jam! consists of house-made challah bread stuffed with jam-infused mascarpone cream cheese. The french toast is then topped with toasted almonds, royal vanilla icing, honey butter, and powdered sugar – it’s such a treat.

It’s the perfect way to start and day of adventure, I devoured a stuffed french toast prior to a day of hiking and it definitely gave me the fuel I needed.

Sidewall Pizza Company: Stuffed Pizza

Stuffed pizza is pizza that has a crust on the top and on the bottom. At Sidewall Pizza Company, you can decide if you want the stuffed spinach pizza or the meat-up stuffed pizza.

The spinach is full of garlic, spinach, prosciutto, ricotta, and mozzarella. The meat is full of mozzarella, pepperoni, meatballs, ricotta, and honey. My wife got her own and didn’t save enough for me. It’s a perfect combination.

Plonk Bozeman: Chef’s Cheese Board

One of the most popular appetizers at Plonk is the chef’s cheese board. Freshly baked sourdough is paired with a wide spread of specialty cheeses. It pairs well with many of the inviting wines offered.

South 9th Bistro: Coquilles St. Jacques

You can’t go wrong with any order at South 9th Bistro, but one of their best-known dishes is the Coquilles St. Jacques. This dish consists of sea scallops, saffron carrot puree, mushroom béchamel sauce, puffed basmati rice, and sliced sautéed asparagus. I recommend the Mushroom Risotto as well.

Roost Fried Chicken: Fried Chicken

The fried chicken at Roost Fried Chicken is iconic and will meet any cravings for a good homestyle meal. You can choose to get the fried chicken as classic southern, Nashville hot, or sweet heat.

The fried chicken is so good that Roost was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Fuel up before your ski trip in Montana or a long hike with some homemade fried chicken.

Bozeman Restaurants FAQs

Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions about eating in Bozeman.

What are the best restaurants in Bozeman?

Although you can find many good restaurants in Bozeman, some of the best are South 9th Bistro, Nova Cafe, Backcountry Burger Bar, and Revelry.

What time is dinner in Bozeman?

Most places in Bozeman open for dinner at 5 pm and close their kitchen at 10 pm.

What time is lunch in Bozeman?

Most places in Bozeman open for lunch at 11 am and close for lunch around 2 pm.

What time is breakfast in Bozeman?

Most breakfast places in Bozeman open at 7 am.

Do you tip in Bozeman?

It would be appropriate and suggested to include a tip when you go out to eat in Bozeman. Consider tipping between 15-20%.

What neighborhood has the best restaurants in Bozeman?

Main Street Bozeman is home to many of the top restaurants in Bozeman. This is convenient as you can just walk down the street to find a place that catches your eye.

Where should I stay in Bozeman?

Stay in downtown Bozeman if you want to be in an ideal location that’s close to all of the best food in the city. Staying here certainly lets you walk to many of the top restaurants too.

To Summarize

From Italian to Korean, to brunch or Mexican, the Bozeman food scene is up-and-coming. You could spend a week in Bozeman and still not visit all of the best local spots. Whether you’re looking for drinks and appetizers or a full meal after a big hike, Bozeman is sure to have an option for you.

Most restaurants prioritize using local ingredients and supporting local farmers and growers. Start exploring the many restaurants in Bozeman to get a taste of Montana and beyond.

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