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What You Need to Know About Camping Equipment

What You Need to Know About Camping Equipment

Whether you are new to camping or a seasoned camper, what essential camping equipment do you need to take with you on your next camping adventure and what is the most important feature of that camping gear? To some extent it depends how you camp, whether you are a backpacker, travel by car or use some form of camper van or other recreational vehicle (RV).

In any event, whenever or however you camp, space is always at a premium so you want to select camp equipment that is compact, lightweight, and can preferably be folded so it can be stowed into a confined space. So, whether you are an expert camper or are just learning how to camp, selecting useful and efficient camping gear which is also easily carried and stored, is the secret to making your camping holiday less problematic and more enjoyable.

On this type of holiday you need to carry many items with you which includes gear and gadgets and also provisions, like food, possibly water, and camp stove cooking fuel as well as other kitchen supplies plus personal toiletries, so going for small yet efficient camping stuff is highly recommended. For instance, I own a couple of lightweight, collapsible water carriers which fold flat when not in use so they need minimal storage space. Cooking equipment which is specially designed to pack one item inside another is also useful.

The most obvious piece of camping gear that you will need to bring with you on your vacation is a tent, unless you only plan to sleep in an RV or camper van. But even then, there may be some nights when you might prefer to sleep out in the open especially if the weather is particularly hot. Whichever tent you choose, it needs to be waterproof and strong and preferably easy to put up, take down, and stow away. Pop-up tents are ideal and children especially enjoy them.

Camping furniture includes camp beds, camping tables and chairs. It’s useful to know that for larger people, a specialist camping equipment store will usually have wide folding beds and wide mattresses or pads for sale, rather than just the rather narrow camp beds and mattresses that are more readily available for campers. If you are agile, you might even be able to substitute a hammock for a camp bed and mattress as it will take up even less space. Incidentally, when it comes to sleeping bags, a single person may find a double sleeping bag better for sleeping as it provides more room to move around in, although it will take up slightly more storage space.

Folding camping tables and chairs are an ideal choice and make life so much more comfortable for older people than sitting on the ground. If there is a group of you, sitting around a table in the evening, playing cards perhaps, is an enjoyable social experience.

The above mentioned items of camping gear are just some of the easily-stored camping accessories that you may want to consider taking with you on your next camping trip. And don’t forget to consider inflatable camping items if you’re are really into flat-packing!