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Muslim Extremists Do Not Realize Islamic Jihad

Muslim Extremists Do Not Realize Islamic Jihad

What is jihad?

To get a complete knowledge on what jihad is, we have to go to the Islamic sources of truth of the matter that offer a crystal clear definition.

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, has famously said that the jihad for Muslim gals is for them to go on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. Jihad is the physical struggle in the route of Allah, and it oftentimes implies the actual physical act of fighting towards enemies who find to eradicate Islam. Though Islam permits and typically encourages Muslim gentlemen to physically combat versus oppressive enemies in protection of the religion, the Prophet of Islam has also famously said that the ideal jihad is to speak a word of justice to an oppressive ruler.

The rigorously authenticated hadith narrations on the sayings and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be on him, make it incredibly apparent that jihad is an endeavor to uphold and endorse that which is lawful and superior. If Sunni Muslims experienced a problem with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of the Shia-aligned Alawite sect, they ought to have engaged Assad in diplomatic discussions alternatively than provoking him into all-out civil war.

Muslims who want to combat from oppression would be greater served in standing up to the oppressive Buddhist routine in Myanmar that oppresses the persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority just since the Rohingya Muslims say Allahu akbar somewhat than Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

If Muslims are forced into struggle against an oppressive enemy, then the Muslims really should be prepared to do struggle. Getting well prepared to wage a fight of requirement, on the other hand, does not mean that Muslims must glimpse ahead to clashes of violence and turmoil. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be on him, mentioned to his comrades:

“O persons! Do not desire to meet up with the enemy, and request Allah for protection, but when you deal with the enemy, be patient, and try to remember that Paradise is underneath the shades of swords.” Then he reported, “O Allah, the Revealer of the Holy Book, and the Mover of the clouds and the Defeater of the clans, defeat them, and grant us victory about them.” — Source: Sahih al-Bukhari 3024, 3025

In likely against the great Islamic custom, the Islamic State terrorist group is in fact encouraging its fighters to glimpse ahead to maiming and killing men and women disloyal to the ISIS result in. ISIS fighters puff up with enjoyment at the prospect of executing battle, and they pretty a great deal are unable to wait around to file and then broadcast their atrocities for the world to see.

The ISIS-fueled battles in Syria and Iraq have no resemblance to an true jihad, simply because an actual jihad is a righteous act of justice that adheres to the ideas of the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. No man or woman of expertise endorses what ISIS does, due to the fact any one with actual information on Islam understands that ISIS is an severe business that aspires for political ability by any indicates essential, together with theft, murder, and extortion, amongst other acts of evil.

A lot of of the American, European, and Australian Muslims who request to be a part of ISIS in Syria do not even request to get the authorization of their mom and dad. The presumption is that the mothers and fathers of these aspiring terrorists do not approve of ISIS. I am 100 % certain that the wide bulk of Muslim moms and dads would not approve of their youngsters touring to Syria for the objective of fighting along with ISIS terrorists.

It is an Islamic responsibility and obligation for Muslims to be type to their dad and mom. It is a jihad for Muslim grownups to search immediately after their growing old moms and dads. In an genuine hadith narration, a gentleman experienced approached Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and requested the Prophet, “Shall I take part in jihad?” The Prophet responded, “Are your dad and mom living?” The male reported, “Of course.” The Prophet then responded, “Do jihad for their profit.”

A Muslim person accomplishing jihad for the benefit of his moms and dads does not necessarily mean the Muslim normally takes the next flight to Damascus to behead People in america on digital camera. A Muslim gentleman who does jihad for the reward of his moms and dads places apart his own egocentric ambitions in favor of running with the tips and consent of his mother and father.

The challenge, of class, is that a lot of of the Muslims who aspire to be ISIS fighters are enthusiastic by self-serving pursuits and needs to the extent that they refuse to hear to any tips from their mothers and fathers, elders, neighbors, or imams. These severe Muslims pay attention to no one particular other than the individuals who invite them to extremism. Muslims feel that Satan is the chief deceiver who phone calls people today to evil. Satan is a smooth participant who convinces folks that lousy items are excellent and that superior items are lousy. The extreme Muslims are so blinded by their selfish dreams that they are unable to see that ISIS is entirely misguided in its solution.

As terrible as it is to see Muslim guys joining the ISIS axis of evil, it is even worse to see Muslim women joining that dying cult that also goes by the acronym ISIL. The finest act a Muslim female can do is perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia. For that reason, it is fully egocentric for a Muslim lady to sign up for ISIS in Syria and Iraq instead than go on Hajj with her father or uncles. These gals who seek out to be part of ISIS do so out of the egocentric want to get married to a bad-boy ISIS fighter who they see as the Muslim model of James Bond. These Muslim gals appear rushing toward the robust arms of these ISIS fighters, and these females often uncover by themselves solid-armed, the eventual victims of rape.

Could the Lord of the Worlds guard us from the evil of darkness anywhere it settles. Ameen.