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This Contiki fam just had their 50(!) year reunion

This Contiki fam just had their 50(!) year reunion

To show us that their adventure wasn’t just about moist tents and chilly showers, Carol kindly questioned her group to notify us their private highlights of the vacation. Here are a few of our faves:

“Catching the teach up the Jungfrau, Switzerland, which is recognized as “The Prime of Europe” and skiing at the top of the Lauterbrunnen-Murren Mountain Railway.”

Hey, that does seem really magnificent. Maybe that’s why we however do it these days!

“Driving our Contiki Pink Van all around the Monte Carlo Method 1 circuit itself, and obtaining to see the popular British racing driver, Jackie Stewart’s car or truck.  We ended up also ready to wander about the Pits and ogle at the wonderful F1 cars and trucks and expertise a very little of the large daily life of a Grand Prix.  Almost certainly couldn’t wander the Pits now…”

Uhh, yeah…this appears remarkable to be trustworthy, but I’m not certain F1 would give us this variety of accessibility these times. So unless of course a Contiki driver goes really rogue, I’m frightened this is not heading to be on an any itineraries up coming yr, sorry people.

“Pyjama Working day.  We all participated in sporting our PJ’s for the journey working day into Kavala, Greece.  We were being to make guaranteed we had our ‘under garments’ on though!  The appears to be like we have been given, by the locals, when we would all disembarked from our little crimson Contiki van in PJ’s was so hilarious!”

Love it, this is quite Contiki. And, Carol and crew, you’ll be satisfied to know we’re holding the extravagant costume magic going! Some matters in no way change…