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The Secrets Of Ancient Egyptian Vision Boards

The Secrets Of Ancient Egyptian Vision Boards

In ancient Egypt when a child was born into royalty it was common for the family to start work on the child’s pyramid right from birth. The pyramids were the tombs where the royal child would be placed to rest.

None of this is new.

What is interesting though is that in addition to building the pyramids, the inside walls of the pyramid would be covered in art.

Some of this religious and ritualistic but…

What they would also do is paint visions of the child’s future. Images of them being great leaders, winning wars, bringing prosperity to the city!

These were painted into the pyramids right from birth… it was their version of a vision board.

So you see vision boards aren’t new at all AND more importantly if its been used for that long there must be something to it!

Images Are The Language Of The Unconscious Mind

The reason for vision boards being around for centuries is that it is well known that this is the way to communicate directly to your unconscious mind.

The powerful part of your mind that makes your heart beat, and controls things like when you blink, memories and lots more.

It is also the part of you that will make your goals a reality… if you can communicate to it in the right way.

One of the easiest ways to send messages to your unconscious is to build your very own vision board.

This can be images you have cut out from magazines that represent your goals, or can be drawings that you have done. They don’t have to be hugely artistic.

You’re the only person who will be seeing this and given that you know what the drawing meant to you – that is more than enough.

You would then put all the images together into a collage on a board or cardboard. You can even make a smaller version in your journal.

It is up to you how you want to lay out the vision board, by goals, in a structured manner or just a jumble of all images!

There is no wrong way – just do what works best for you!

Once built you should then put the vision board somewhere you will see it on a daily basis – above your computer, in your bedroom. Somewhere you go to on a regular basis where you will see the board daily if not more than once a day.

Then all you need to do is once maybe twice a day ( or as much as you can) spend some time looking at the images, imagining yourself having achieved the goals and FEELING what its like to have achieved those goals.

The feeling is what magnetizes the visions into reality so make sure you focus on how it would feel to achieve the goals.

It’s as simple as that.

In a matter of hours you too can have your own vision board, a powerful tool to communicate with your unconscious passed down from ancient Egypt!