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The Best of Jamaica

The Best of Jamaica

The country has always been known for its peace, tranquility, and close touch with nature. No wonder it is the birthplace of some of the greatest music genres- Ska and Reggae. It is here that legendary artist Bob Marley lived and made music. It is here that he created music that would go on to astound the whole world. And, no one can deny that it was this beautiful country that inspired him to create such magical music. And what a beautiful country it is, indeed. Make Air Canada reservations, explore the tremendous beauty and taste the delicious Jamaican Jerk Chicken in Jamaica.

Being an island country, Jamaica has no shortage of beaches and waterfronts. The sandy beaches are beautiful and are known for its vibrant nightlife. The country is covered with an admirable amount of vegetation. Dense jungles invoke in you a sense of deep harmony with nature. The mountain peaks baffle you with their mighty size and serene beauty. To give you a better idea of Jamaica’s charm, we have come up with a list of the best things to do in Jamaica. Make Bahamasair reservations and travel to Jamaica with comfort and ease.

Martha Brae River Rafting

One of the most famous and amazing things to do in Jamaica is go rafting on the Martha Brae River. The river runs on the banks of the horse shoe shaped Martha Brae Island. Visitors’ board long rafts made of bamboos and are accompanied by a guide who also steers the raft along the river. The experience is serene and beautiful. The guide tells the raft’s passengers about the Martha Brae’s legend. During the ride, visitors are allowed to jump into the river and swim as well. After disembarking, visitors can shop or treat themselves to a chilled beer. Book tickets on Air Canada flights and experience the greatest and most scenic boat ride of your life.

Dive into the sunken pirate city of Port Royal

Yes, an actual historical pirate city! Yes, sunken! Unbelievable, we know, but it’s 100% true. Port Royal was a very famous city in the 1600s. Controlled at one point of time by the Spanish, it was later conquered by the English under the rule of Cromwell. However, the city always remained a city of pirates. Plagued by debauchery and general acts of violence, the city generated a lot of notorious fame. In the year 1692, a major earthquake hit the city. The ground split open and most of the city went underwater along with its residents. Today, the city ruins lie up to 40 feet under water and can be explored by scuba diving. This is one of the most authentic wreck diving experiences in the world. Divers get to see monuments, boats, and several other submerged structures from the time of the earthquake. Get amazing Bahamasair flight deals and see with your own eyes an actual submerged pirate city.

Swim or Kayak in the luminous lagoon of Falmouth

If you have watched the movie Avatar, then you must have seen glowing waters that light up when even slightly disturbed. In Jamaica, seeing something like that is entirely possible. The Martha Brae River drains into the ocean and creates this mystical phenomenon. As you swim, the microorganisms in the water light up creating a neon blue light in the water. To be honest, this is the most mystical swimming experience you will ever come across. Visit Jamaica with cheap flight offers and see the magic nature can create.