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The 6 Best Things To Do In Bajo Alto, El Oro in One Day

The 6 Best Things To Do In Bajo Alto, El Oro in One Day
The 6 Best Things To Do In Bajo Alto, El Oro in One Day

Where is Bajo Alto beach located?

Bajo Alto beach is located in the northwest of the El Oro province in the Guabo canton. The province of El Oro is located in southern Ecuador in the Costa region. The closest major city to Bajo Alto beach is the city of Machala approximately 30 kilometers away.

How to get to Bajo Alto?

  • From Guayaquil: Take via Troncal de la Costa/E25.
  • From Machala: Take via E587 and Vía La Primavera. The distance is approximately 37 Km /45 minutes of travel.
  • From Cuenca: Take the road to Barbones and the E587 towards the Troncal de la Costa/E25 in Tillales. From there follow the E59 and Carr. Panamericana/Troncal de la Sierra/E35 towards Av. October Twelve and continue along that route until you reach the destination.

The 6 best things to do in Bajo Alto

Bajo Alto has a beautiful beach approximately a mile long located next to a mangrove reserve and close to shrimp, banana and cocoa plantations. It is one of the most popular seaside towns in the province of El Oro as it is the only one that can be accessed by land. The other beaches are located on islands, requiring you to take a boat to get there.

1. Walk along the boardwalk

Enjoy the boardwalk and the panoramic view it offers of the beach and the letters of the city. From the boardwalk you can also see many types of birds.

2. Enjoy water activities

During the high season of the beach, local vendors offer different water based activities such as banana boat rides and tours. When we went (the third week of October) these activities were closed, but the restaurants remain open year round.

3. Take photos with the Sign of Bajo Alto

When the tide is low you can easily cross to the Bajo Alto sign, but if the tide is high you will have to swim to the jetty where those letters are located. We were lucky and were able to see the letters at low and high tide. A totally different experience and both equally beautiful.

4. Take a tour of the mangrove reserve

You can take tour to see the mangrove reserve. On this tour you walk for around 30 minutes to reach La Puntilla Island; southeast of Puna Island.  Here you can enjoy a virgin beach and you can see different types of birds such as the pink heron and a wide variety of fauna. The pink heron is an endemic species of the area and a beautiful bird with a beak that looks like a spoon and pink feathers, with the color coming from its food source. If you are lucky you can also spot dolphins.

5. Observation of the crab collection

Most residents of Bajo Alto are fishermen and collect crabs and shells. During low season you can see people collecting shellfish to sell. It is a unique and interesting experience. You can ask the locals to explain more about the fishing process and they will surely answer all your questions. It’s a great way to learn more about the local culture and interact with locals.

6. Taste its rich gastronomy

The town has a wide variety of restaurants that offer various coastal dishes for all types of palates and budgets. The most important thing to look out for on the menu is a dish that contains fresh seafood that comes from the sea to your table. You cannot leave Bajo Alto without trying the seafood carousel, the most typical dish.

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