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Rollcall of Stop-Time Nations

Rollcall of Stop-Time Nations

What nations will be current in the very conclude, ahead of Jesus comes?


People today have looked substantial and low in the Scriptures for my beloved nation in that working day. I do not consider they can come across it. In this article are speculations that surround this peculiar summary:

  • The usa is the sufferer of an all-out nuclear attack from one of the nations whose nuclear system we helped finance. Probably Iran? Possibly North Korea?
  • America’s debts, coupled with left-wing propaganda that explained we should really have no borders, eventually provide her down to a 3rd-earth status, and therefore she has no meaningful function in finish-time activities.
  • The united states joins arms with the one-environment socialist movement, the motivation for “reset”, and gets to be component of the rise of Europe, losing its identification, probably even reverting to colony standing. This would be God’s judgment on a perverted country that killed toddlers and promoted sexual problems of all sorts, a place of violence and no safety for the handful of keepers of the legislation still left standing.


In 2020, the eyes of the environment turned to this Eastern mega-land. China has normally been a mystery to the world, whether less than her ancient pagan approaches, or under Communism. She has been a devourer of “substantially flesh”. The smaller sized nations surrounding her have felt the vacuum ability sucking them to her side. Some have resisted. Some have not.

But it was left to this terrible 12 months, for China to come to be a key threat to our have country. Fears abounded. Will china pass us? Has she previously? Will she then threaten us militarily? Does she have those people abilities? Will China in truth rule the environment a single day, as it appears her aspirations stage in that way?

Only that very last question can I response obviously. No, China will not rule the planet. On the authority of God’s Term via angels to Daniel I can affirm that the only earth powers to be on this planet have presently been. An outgrowth of the closing one, Rome, is scheduled for the very end time.

China will make much sound nevertheless. She could without a doubt go us. She may possibly have currently. This would line up with the other finish time information, particularly a just one-planet authorities that is dominated from Europe and only attaches to the United States as an equivalent, not as a planet power any extended.

Some of the sound to which I refer is recorded by each Daniel and John. Daniel’s angel sees the antichrist wreaking havoc on the earth, gobbling up country after country, Hitler-like. He gathers a practically common adhering to till he is interrupted on two fronts: The East, and the North:

Daniel 11:44, “But rumors from the East and from the North will disturb him [antichrist]… “

These rumors choose a little additional substance in Revelation 16:12. Judgments are slipping worldwide, even in advance of the return of Christ. A extensive-standing h2o dispute with regards to the Euphrates River, is suddenly turned into an intercontinental incident. The waters of that wonderful river are entirely shut down, and marching about the land that appears is an army headed by the “kings of the east.”

Surely China is associated in this westward march. We are presented no far more information here. In Revelation 9, a identical scene involving the Euphrates and a substantial army is painted for us. In this article, the soldiers feel to be mechanical. And a person third of mankind is destroyed!

We don’t rule China out of conclude time prophecy, for absolutely sure! But although she causes substantial destruction, and usually has, she will never ascend to the leading spot of Earth’s reign. That place is left for only a few kingdoms as we see it now:

  • The 10-mation confederation of the revived Roman Empire, less than the seventh planet ruler.
  • The antichrist, who moves into electrical power of the ultimate Roman Empire.
  • The extensive-prophesied and wished-for Kingdom of God headed up by Jesus Christ.


The Daniel prophecy previously mentioned that refers to “rumors out of the East” also mentions the same out of the North. Because of north of Israel, the area the place antichrist will have moved his spiritual headquarters by then, is Moscow. The wonderful Bear of the North has plagued mankind for hundreds of years, and will carry on to do so until finally just after the Millennium, when it would seem that Satan will use that barren land to re-obtain for a single very last assault on Israel, even as Messiah reigns!

Ezekiel the prophet sees all of these happenings. We infer that if Russia is still all-around following the Millennium, she undoubtedly is here right before it, all through the Tribulation. But there appears to be to be no reference to it, other than all those ugly rumors that wend their way down into antichrist’s hearing and make him just take see.

Russia will be really possibly becoming a member of with China in that past attempt to obtain globe energy. She looks to be signing up for even right now.

ISLAMIC Nations?

Before the entire world was fearing China’s takeover, you may well remember that Islam dominated the news cycle. Saddam Hussein. Osama Bin Laden. Taliban. Isis. Muslims in our individual govt. Humanity jumps from a person summary to one more, guessing with no basis, speculating concept just after theory.

Islam will not rule the globe, though it far too will make its makes an attempt. You will don’t forget that the first Roman Empire encircled the Mediterranean Sea. The southern portion of that ring these days is all Islamic.

Daniel saw a group of 10 nations that would rise in the close. If indeed a Roman-like monster is to rejoin humanity, it will rise with democracies and kingdoms joined in a loose but genuine alliance to thrust its electrical power into the faces of nonetheless a further cowering humanity foundation. In that sense, yes, Islam will be in electrical power in the past times, but by some means in cooperation with non-Islamic democracies.


There would seem to be no doubt that Europe, at the very least good parts of it, will be close to in that final reset of historical past. The Prevalent Sector. The European Union. Union for the Mediterranean. See all the attempts already to unify that block of nations. Oh, Europe shall rise.

Did you not see the advertising and marketing for EU in its early days? The photo of a lady riding a beast? Basically Google “Europa and the bull.” Straight out of Revelation the enemy flaunted his program before us! And where was the treaty signed that confirmed the coming with each other of Europe’s energy? Of program! Rome itself!

Do not be distracted by China or Russia or the Muslims. Rome will indeed rise again.

Read through your Bible. Surprisingly appropriate to our instances!