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Norse Atlantic Airways launches services between LA and Berlin

Norse Atlantic Airways launches services between LA and Berlin

Norse Atlantic Airways launches services between LA and Berlin

There is a new budget flight from LA to Berlin.

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Have some further trip days burning a hole in your pocket? (And certainly, be sure to use them all.) There is a new airline hopping throughout the Atlantic — and if you’re hunting for nightlife, record, or just a bunch of beer, you need to get in on Norse Atlantic Airways’s new flights — primarily for the reason that there are a ton of roundtrip fares to a single of the continent’s most renowned capitals for all of the earlier mentioned. Best of all, the airline currently provides flights from LA that clock in at under $500 (thanks, Kayak).

Where by are you going specifically? Your location is none other than Berlin, the city from which this writer is presently reporting on this deal and, she has to acknowledge, is a rather great time. Arrive just before November hits and you’ll see the town through one of its most attractive periods — or choose advantage of the beneath-$500 fares to occur when there aren’t many other travellers all-around. 

Granted, really don’t assume quite a few frills: Norse Atlantic reads like the Ryanair of extensive-haul flights with its extremely-minimal-cost provider model. The fares are all based mostly around the thought that you pay for what you will need, so when you’re shopping for a super-low cost ticket, you’re signing up for Economic system Gentle — a.k.a. an underneath seat bag only. Nonetheless, even at this tier, you can include a carry-on for $25 each way or a 33-lb. Checked bag for $60 (heavier luggage also probable for supplemental service fees). 

There are also no foods onboard the flight (this author had a flight like that to Singapore and just built herself some delicious food to carry onboard with her TBH, pricey reader, it was way much better than airline food stuff). 

You are going to be flying on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which is a wonderful aircraft for prolonged-haul flights (and a pretty widespread 1, at that). The windows are dimmable and LED lights adjustments to assist counteract jetlag. There’s a great deal of house for everyone’s overhead stowage, too.