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Kingcamp Camping Chair vs STRONGBACK Elite | Best For Backpain

Kingcamp Camping Chair vs STRONGBACK Elite | Best For Backpain

If you’ve ever set out on a camping trip, you know that part of the fun involves finding a nice spot outside your tent to sit down, soak in the fresh air, and have a one-on-one with the soothing natural environment. All you need is the right chair to add to your camping gear. 

But finding the perfect camping chair for you can be a painstaking process! With so many brands and styles available in the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the endless options. It gets even harder for rookie adventurers with no prior experience of buying a camp chair. 

Not to worry…this is where we come in! This article compares two popular camping chairs in the market for users with back issues: KingCamp camping chair vs. Strongback Elite camping chair.

By considering the similarities and differences between the two chairs, we’ll help you make an informed choice between the KingCamp and Strongback Elite when you want a solution for your back pain. 

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At A Glance

Item Dimensions (D x W x H inches)

Available Colors

Black | Black/Grey | Blackstrips | Navy/Beige | Navy/Grey

Black/Grey | Camo | Lime Green/Grey | Navy/Grey

Kingcamp Camping Chair vs STRONGBACK Elite | Best For Backpain

Item Dimensions (D x W x H inches)

Available Colors

Black | Black/Grey | Blackstrips | Navy/Beige | Navy/Grey

STRONGBACK 2.0 Elite Camping Chair, One Size, Black/Grey

Item Dimensions (D x W x H inches)

Available Colors

Black/Grey | Camo | Lime Green/Grey | Navy/Grey

The Quick Answer

kingcamp camping chairs on a lakeside

When comparing the two, the KingCamp folding chair gets the nod over the Strongback Elite by a slight margin. This is because it offers extra features that you don’t find on its counterpart, including a cooler bag containing three beer cans and a side pocket where you can place your phone for greater functionality.

Furthermore, while the two camp chairs are eerily similar in design and functionality, the KingCamp costs a little less than the Strongback Elite, which means you get a greater bang for the buck by buying it! 

Quick Product Reviews

KingCamp Camping Chair

KingCamp Lumbar Back Padded Oversized Folding Camping Chair with Cooler Bag Armrest and Cup Holder,...

The KingCamp camping chair is a large seat with impressive lumbar support for sore backs. It is held together by a strong steel frame combined with heavy-duty 600D polyester material on the seat and back. The chair can support up to 350lbs of weight, while rich cushioning helps provide users with an easy-going lounging experience. 

It boasts a collapsible frame that folds into a small package for easy transportation, complete with an included carry sleeve where you can slide in the folded chair

A mesh cup holder on the left armrest, as well as a cooler pocket on the right armrest, allows you to enjoy a cold beer or coffee cup while sitting for the ultimate camping experience. Meanwhile, you also get a storage pocket for holding magazines, books, phones, and other smaller accessories.  

Overall, this is a functional chair that will not only suffice for your camping adventures but also come in handy during other outdoor endeavors like poolside parties, backyard bonfires, or even a weekend at the beach. 

  • Comfortable padding on seat and back
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Easy to set up
  • Great lumbar support
  • Cup holder and cooler bag
  • Included carry sleeve
  • Tight carry bag
  • Slightly heavy
  • No neck support

KingCamp Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support

KingCamp Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support, Padded Folding Chair with Cooler, Armrest, Cup Holder, Oversized Quad Camp Chair Heavy Duty, Supports 350 lbs, KingCamp is perfect for indoor/outdoor activities such as a picnic, camping, traveling, hiking, patio parties, fishing, and any other outdoor activities.

STRONGBACK Elite chair

STRONGBACK 2.0 Elite Camping Chair, One Size, Black/Grey

The Strongback Elite is another durably constructed camp chair that employs a steel frame structure to support users weighing as much as 300lbs. Tipping the scales at only 12lbs, the chair is very portable and comes with a carry bag with dual shoulder straps to let you haul it like a backpack.

A patented frame-integrated lumbar support system on the Strongback serves to optimally align your back and neck, resulting in reduced tension on your spine and relaxation of back muscles. The chair also uses a solid 600D tear-resistant polyester fabric on the seat and back to ensure durability and this is accessorized with a beverage holder to keep your drink within easy reach while relaxing. 

Also, it opens up and folds easily, while the practical design allows it to be used for different outdoor functions, including beach trips, picnics, concerts, and sporting events. It works particularly excellent for people suffering from spine issues. 

  • Patented frame integrated frame technology
  • Practical design
  • Portable with carrying bag
  • Steel construction
  • Easy to set up
  • No headrest 
  • Could use some cushioning
  • Rivets get loose easily
  • No storage pocket

STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Lawn Lounge Chair

STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Lawn Lounge Chair Heavy Duty Camp Outdoor Seat with Lumbar Support and Portable Carry Bag, STRONGBACK perfect portable chair for camping, travel, picnics, beach trips, sports, concert events, and other outdoor activities.

Side by Side Comparison

kingcamp chair and strongback elite chairs standing on a beach

Lumbar Support

Both chairs have been designed with the end-user in mind, leading to construction that considers faulty spines. The KingCamp camp chair features a lumbar support system with a strap adjustment that keeps your spine in place to ease tension. In the same way, the Strongback Elite seat employs a patented lumbar support design that nicely aligns the posture of your body to relieve pressure on your spine. 

This makes them the perfect chair for people who have suffered injuries to their spine and those with related back issues. 

Collapsible Frame

A foldable structure is used on the chairs to enhance practicality for the user. Both make use of steel tube frames that can open up and collapse in a short time. This is paired with a durable and tear-resistant polyester fabric that covers the seat and back. 

The foldable design turns the chairs into a compact package to enhance their portability. You also get a carry bag in both cases, which you can throw over the shoulder for easy transportation.  


Both are designed for outdoor lounging pleasure and very comfortable camping chairs. Aside from the lumbar support system, you also get to enjoy comfortably padded armrests and a cup holder for your cold beverage as you relax. Furthermore, the seat is high up the ground to don’t the knees while ensuring that your feet are resting flat on the floor. 

Key Differences

twomen sit in camping awn lounge chairs enjoying

Storage Options

The KingCamp folding chair offers multiple storage options when you’re relaxing on the chair. There is a cooler bag on the right armrest that can fit three cans of coke or beer. Below is a side mesh pocket that will hold your magazines or notebooks for easy access when you want to read them. 

On the other hand, the Strongback Elite chair only offers a cup holder for storage. It doesn’t have the cooler bag or side pocket found on the KingCamp, making it a little more inconvenient for people who don’t want to keep on getting up and down. 


The KingCamp folding retails for around $10 less than the Strongback Elite, although this will often change depending on sales or promotions sale at any given time. However, when looking at the usual price, the difference might prove crucial for buyers who want to save a little change. It also means that the KingCamp chair delivers somewhat better value for money than the Strongback Elite. 


Both camping chairs employ a steel tube structure for the frame, a sturdy material that can support weights beyond 300lbs. However, according to some users, one of the grievances on the Strongback Elite is that the screws holding the intersecting steel tubes together are weak. They loosen up relatively quickly, which ends up in the chair crumbling under your weight. 

It can be very risky, especially for an old guy with back issues. However, this complaint doesn’t feature as much when you review the KingCamp folding chair reviews. 

Alternatives to Consider

saleswoman selling camping helinox sunset chair

If you have a flexible budget that allows you to spend on something more costly, you can consider a couple of upgrade options for more comfort and extra accessories. A good example is the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair. It uses zero-gravity technology, which allows users to achieve the perfect reclined position for the ultimate comfort. It is nicely padded and features a headrest with richly cushioned armrests.

For a more budget-friendly option, go for the Coleman Camping chair with a built-in cooler pocket. Despite having features that can rival the KingCamp and Strongback Elite, it is a solid choice that will cost you almost half the proce0. Features include armrests, a cup holder, as well as a storage pocket on the side. But, it does lack on comfort and back support.


How much do the chairs weigh?

The KingCamp chair weighs 11.3 pounds, whereas the Strongback Elite weighs about 12 pounds. Both are relatively lightweight considering their steel construction, ad this helps to make them great outdoor chairs.

What is the carrying capacity?

The Strongback Elite camping chair can support up to 300 pounds of weight, while the KingCamp can comfortably carry an extra 50 pounds. This makes them both suitable for larger-bodied users.

How long does it take to set up the chair?

The installation process is generally straightforward in both camping chairs. Thanks to the smooth folding mechanism, it will take you a few seconds to have the seat up and ready to go! Pull the four sides of the frame outwards while on the ground, and the seat opens up, ready for use.

Final Thoughts

The KingCamp and Strongback Elite are both unique camping chairs. They share several functional features, including a well-designed lumbar support system, padded back, and seat, as well as a cup holder for unparalleled lounging comfort. Aside from a few differences here and there, either can make a solid option for any outdoor adventurer. 

However, if I were to choose between the two, I would select the KingCamp folding chair. It is cheaper and offers more storage options, and proves to remain more stable down the line.

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