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Is The Colombian Accent The Very best Accent For Mastering Spanish?

Is The Colombian Accent The Very best Accent For Mastering Spanish?

A number of subscribers to my Spanish-language studying e-newsletter have requested me is the Colombian accent the greatest accent for studying Spanish. Due to the fact I have lived in two various towns in Colombia (Barranquilla and Medellin) and have also traveled to many different metropolitan areas and “pueblos” (towns) in that country, I will check out to remedy the question.

By the way, a buyer emailed me a connection to an interesting report online about the “Colombian accent” starting to be “huge enterprise” in dubbing films and Tv set collection, performing in connect with centers, etcetera.

But to respond to the issue, of course, the “Colombian” accent is the very best one particular to master for understanding the Spanish language. I say that for 5 factors:

1. The “Colombian” accent is somewhat simple to fully grasp in comparison to other Spanish-speaking accents.

2. The Spanish that you listen to spoken in Colombia is the most “neutral” in the entire entire world.

3. Colombian Spanish is also incredibly “undiluted” when you compare it to, for example, the Spanish of Mexico which has been heavily influenced by the Aztec Indians.

4. A substantial arrival of Aged Planet immigrants from Italy has a triggered the Argentine accent too audio somewhat Italian.

5. In simple fact, the Spanish of Colombia is the “purest” Spanish in the full earth. Even “purer” than the Spanish spoken in Spain which has been, and even now carries on to be greatly motivated by Arabs and Muslims.

With that explained, I want to carry to your consideration that the phrase “Colombian” accent is essentially a misnomer. Not only are there many accents in Colombia but the accent that people normally refer to when speaking of a Colombian accent is the “Rolo” accent.

A Rolo is a person from Bogotá, Colombia, the country’s money. And most (but not all) of the Colombian “novelas” or soap operas are recorded in Bogotá. And the Rolo accent is very effortless to fully grasp in contrast to the other accents in the Spanish talking globe.

This is what I have personally noticed about Colombian accents…

A Rolo accent is fully different from a Paisa (Medellín) accent. In my impression, the Rolo accent sounds relatively “flat.” And the Paisa accent is far more song-like.

The men and women from Colombia’s Atlantic coastline or “Costeños” also have an accent that is completely unique from other Colombians. The Costeños slash letters off of some terms and their accents seem like the Dominican or Puerto Rican accents that I used to hear in Nueva York (New York).

When I traveled to Cali, Colombia they also experienced a unique accent.

And the individuals from the Pacific coastline of Colombia in the Chocó office – who are descendents of African slaves also have a distinctive accent.

And when I traveled to Colombia’s Caribbean Islands, San Andrés and Providencia, I also seen that the persons there also had a distinctive accent. Most of the persons living on the Colombians islands ended up not from the mainland of Colombia. And despite the fact that they all spoke Spanish fluently, when they spoke Spanish, their accents reminded me of the Panamanians who I had satisfied in Brooklyn, New York and who were all from Panama’s canal zone, and who ended up descendents of Jamaicans and other West Indians who went to Panama as aspect of the Canal’s labor force.

I also pointed out that the language and culture of San Andrés and Providencia, Colombia experienced been greatly affected by Jamaican or Rastafarian tradition which was obvious in their their music, apparel, food items, etc. Moreover speaking Spanish, they also spoke Patois like Jamaicans. In reality, they appeared more snug speaking English and Patios than when speaking Spanish. At situations in San Andrés and Providencia, Colombia I felt as if I was nonetheless in a single of my previous “barrios” (neighborhoods) of the north west Bronx, New York, which is a predominantly Jamaican community.

So far that is 6 completely different Colombian accents that I have determined. And I am guaranteed that there are far more.

For example, if I ended up to journey to the portion of Colombia that is surrounded by the Amazons, I would also find that the Colombians there, a lot of of them who are indigenous individuals, also have a distinctive accent.

So I just desired you to be aware that there isn’t just one Colombian accent as quite a few of the “novelas” suggest. And when persons say that the Colombia accent is the best 1 for learning Spanish, what they really should really say is that the Rolo accent or the accent from Bogotá, Colombia is the greatest.