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How to Get Best Key for Sustenance

How to Get Best Key for Sustenance

Seek forgiveness from God, repent with serious mind.
Bear piety always, life will be easy for you, abundant food will arise at your door step.
Relying and hoping from God only, He do every things without the permission from anybody.
Be among God worshipers, and do all what the creator want.
Go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umra exercise, if you are Muslim, go to Jerusalem, if you are Christian.
Join the family kinships, sustenance will spread for you, God willing.
Spend too much in charity, the mor you spend, the more you will have. at least 10% of your earnings, and 1/40 of the total money with you by the end of year.
Spend and support education that will make people near to God. Faith education is the way out, because world is uncontrollable and ungovernable for 83% of world’s president today.
Helping the needy and the poor, because of them you are enrich by God Almighty, don’t say they don’t work or they don’t know how to work.
Move out in path of God, to Dave people from mass disaster in the world today, see Bill Gates and other, you must give back to community daily.
Don’t doubt, sustenance will flow to you abundantly. You had obey the law of love and worldly benefits attraction.
Nine things will give you benefits everyday:
1. If you seek happiness: Offer prayers on time.
2. If you want light on your face:
Rise to pray in the night.
3. If you want tranquility and peace: Recite the Qur’an slowly and carefully.
4. If you seek health: Fast
5. If you seek inner joy: Keep on with repentance.
6. If you want to be free from sorrow: Keep on praying.
7. If you want violence to disappear, say: There is no changing things and power except with God.
8. If you seek abundance:
Recite praises and greetings to the most influencer man, Holy prophet ( peace be on him) and virtuous family and companions.
9. If you wish to do goodness without getting tired: Do not keep this message to yourself. Let your loved ones benefit from this too.
God is with those who are with Him and consider His commandments.
God loves those who love Him. It is also good to do prayers., before sleep then follow by affirmation, then sleep. And repeat the affirmations after waking up 5:00 am clock
Note: Never hide any knowledge for which you will be rewarded with goodness and auspiciousness.
Let this knowledge move around the world.
A few important lessons (from the ways of prophet) we need to follow:
Always tell the truth, even if you think it will harm you, for it will truly save you in the long run.
Never tell a lie, even if you think it will save you, for it will surely destroy you.
Defend the honor of your sister or brother if anyone tarnishes it.
Rush to share good news and hesitate from sharing bad news (if you share it at all).
Don’t give extravagantly nor be a miser. Instead, give and leave something for yourself and your family.
Reward those who do you good.
If a calamity afflicts you, focus on the root of the problem (yourself) and don’t blame others.
Don’t procrastinate.
Worry about your faults enough to correct yourself.
Discipline harshly only if you believe it is highly likely to be useful.

Prostrate to God only, after receiving good news.