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Easter Is a Pagan Festival Reorganised for Christianity

Easter Is a Pagan Festival Reorganised for Christianity

Research into the origin of Easter shows it was a festival to the sun. It heralded the crucifixion of god-men who rose to ‘marry’ the personified sun-star in times before Christianity. There is confusion in some minds over whether the word ‘Christian’ described the followers of ‘Chrishna’ (Krishna) of the Vedic trinity. He was also supposedly crucified and the book of Matthew repeats his story for that of Jesus Christ. Plato used the term prior to the 3rd CBC (Before Caesar).

The problem is that so much was erased from the records by religious leaders to hide the origin of their faith that one would have a hard time proving it, and that has been the case until now. The Spirit, however, hid the knowledge where it could never be found or altered until this time. In every word we speak is trapped the records of the past including the sun festivals that became modern faiths.

Following my reincarnation and commissions to undo the lies and to take God off the cross the Spirit led me to the solution of all the religious puzzles. In a vision the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 stood up in the air before my eyes. The identity of the one with this number attached to his name has stood unresolved for almost 2,000 years. When given direction to unlock the mystery it was easily proven due to the knowledge supplied.

He established the Catholic Church in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea. He was an Amorite, the same race who built Babylon and worshiped the sun-star Mary. This was the start of Islam and what he did was to recycle that religion into a new version whereby he hid its roots. ‘Amor’ reversed is ‘Roma’ built as the new Capital after Mari was destroyed 11 km northwest of Abu Kabal in Syria.

The Amorites were Assyrians and they invaded, occupied, tortured and murdered anyone who opposed them. Constantine was no exception and his eldest son, Crispus, was murdered on his orders a year before the Catholic religion was started.

To cover its roots further the emperor abolished the traditional Easter crucifixion of god-men and moved the date from the spring equinox to the first full moon after it. The Spirit, however, showed me the ritual and its significance. The star forms when sun-light refracts into the moving circles of coloured rainbow hues due to their varying wave-lengths. It is created by passing light through a prism or small aperture.

The Babylonian sun-star was personified in female form and the name ‘Ma-r-i’ means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. When it resurrected after the long cold winter there was great celebration and men died on crosses to marry her. ‘Marry’ is from ‘mary’. She was called ‘eye-star’ from which we get ‘easter’, along with terms for fertility such as ‘oestrous’. She was honoured and praised as Queen of Heaven.

Roman women made round cakes adorned with crosses, a sacred symbol of the sun, and gave them to passers-by. Hence the origin of the hot cross bun. ‘Bun’ is from ‘b-o-n’ and means ‘bearing the circle of victory’. Every symbol or letter has meaning related to the worship of ancient gods.

‘Bon’ is in ‘bonnie’ which means ‘great’ and terms like ‘bona-fide’ for ‘true’. It is in ‘bon-fire’ and many were burned in such flames by Constantine’s religious followers. It is the root of ‘bone’ the strongest part of a body because combining [o] and [n] as ‘on’ means ‘strong’ or ‘strength’.

To complete his make-over of the Islamic religion Constantine invented Jesus Christ to replace all other god-men. This was preserved his position as chief god. The so-called son of god had no power and could not challenge his authority. His crime is recorded in Revelation 13:13-18 where it also states that he forced everyone to worship the image he created or be killed. It also notes that he took control of commerce and industry.