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Did The Egyptian God Osiris Exist? A Discussion

Did The Egyptian God Osiris Exist? A Discussion

There is 1 atheist argument that no Christian theist can really refute, and each time I have made use of it, no Christian theist has properly attempted to refute this. It goes like this: “Had you been born and raised in a diverse or previous society / lifestyle [like that of ancient Egypt] you’d be singing the praises of a quite unique deity (or deities) with equivalent religion, belief or conviction [like Osiris] and you know this to be so. So what does that say about the existence of your Christian God?”

So how would my all too recurrent debating colleague recognized as MG respond to this? Well MG raised the challenge of the existence of Osiris – a god inside the pantheon of the ancient Egyptian deities.

MG – “Atheists truly do rather frequently say that God won’t exist… “

JP – Some do, but all those persons are misrepresenting the acknowledged atheist place. That is NOT the posture I adopt. My position is that you, as a theist, earning a beneficial assert, have the stress of evidence to back again it up. Now let us see if you can. I severely doubt it.

[Even though there is no evidence for God’s existence that doesn’t preclude the possibility that God exists just that the burden of proof exists with the theist making the positive claim. Can that argument be applied to the ancient Egyptian god Osiris?]

MG – “Similarly, no rational man or woman claims “I just haven’t seen evidence of Osiris”. No, Osiris does not exist, and we all know it.”

JP – The historic Egyptians didn’t know that. Have been they all delusional? If so, will not that suggest that all deities are delusional due to the fact there’s no proof for any of them?

JP – And the historical Egyptians experienced proof and sound motives to believe that Osiris did exist.

JP – The historical Egyptians ended up intelligent and rational folks and considered in the existence of Osiris. So your argument is downright foolish. No make a difference how you slice and dice issues, a whole lot of individuals, as rational and as intelligent as you, thought in the existence of Osiris. Who the heck do you feel you are to move judgment on them!

MG – “We have evidence and audio explanations to believe Osiris does not exist.”

JP – Who is “We”? Converse for you. Concerning the ancient Egyptians and Osiris, so what helps make you consider that you happen to be improved, more clever, and extra rational, than they were? A little bit up oneself – yes? But even more to the issue, you are an atheist when it comes to Osiris. You say Osiris isn’t going to exist, nonetheless which is just your belief. How do you basically know Osiris will not exist? You are not able to certainly show that Osiris will not exist and you know you cannot, but if you feel that you can, do so here and now. Give the viewers here your “evidence”.

MG – “Ok, I have reliable reasons to believe that that Osiris does not exist. If Osiris did exist, then there would be a non secular plain of existence in which our own spirits are judged (our hearts weighed against a feather). Given that we do not have spirits, there can be no these kinds of position, and Osiris are not able to exist.”

JP – While I very concur with you that there is no spirit globe, millions of other clever and rational individuals would willingly consider you to task for your non-non secular basic of existence worldview.

JP – Relating to Osiris: 1) Osiris may well have been an precise human whose legend has over the centuries in historical Egypt been blown out of all proportion with the telling and retelling and re-retelling of his tale. 2) If we are simulated beings then Osiris had the very same degree of digital reality as you now have. 3) Osiris may well have been an ‘ancient astronaut’ – he is routinely depicted getting inexperienced skin! 4) Osiris inhabited the underworld so he would commonly be out of sight apart from to the recently useless awaiting judgment and attainable resurrection into the Egyptian version of the afterlife.

Now working with this issue of Osiris as an case in point, I have the resolved view that you’ve got established your self up as judge, jury and executioner about an overall ancient society rubbishing them just mainly because they held distinctive perception systems than you do. So what helps make you correct and the whole ancient Egyptian Empire improper? Last but not least, will not knock an additional culture except if you’ve walked a mile in their sneakers.

MG – “The Egyptians (and other ancient groups) ended up rational men and women, but they failed to have adequate information to recognize their gods failed to exist. We have sufficient information and facts to clearly show these did not exist, as I did in the scenario of Osiris.”

JP – So once again you’ve established oneself up as judge, jury and executioner in excess of an whole historic culture rubbishing them just because they held different perception programs than you do by suggesting they lacked ample info.

MG – “The level is that the gods of historical civilizations can be proven not to exist, but the God of the Bible is even extra plausible now (with extra details accrued) than He was back again then.”

JP – Concerning evidence for God, properly the historic Greeks would give you proof for Zeus (and the rest of the Olympians) the Norse proof for Odin the ancient Egyptians evidence for Osiris & Isis the Aztecs proof for Quetzalcoatl the Incas evidence for Viracocha the Hindus evidence for Brahma the American Indians evidence for a Terrific Spirit the Australian Aborigines proof for their Rainbow Serpent and on and on it goes. You not only have to provide proof for God, but refute all the proof for Zeus, Horus, and so on. You can in all probability come up with quite a few other examples of deities that are at this time thought in in other fashionable monotheistic religions deities that you would also will need to negate in buy to confirm God as the a single accurate god.

JP – Akin to the Osiris argument, considering that no person in the past various thousand decades has proven the precise existence of your most well-liked deity (i.e. – God), what tends to make you believe you can?

JP – So even just after all of these posts of yours you’re nevertheless not 1 jot nearer to offering any proof for far a lot less proving the existence of your desired deity than you had been when you commenced. Likely off on tangents about Osiris does nothing to bolster up your circumstance for your desired deity.

JP – So let us continue to be with modern day moments and just forget about Osiris for the minute who just after all is fairly past our arrive at and hence his status can not truly be identified. So, let us say that when you eventually kick-the-bucket you go off to the Pearly Gates only to be greeted by the Trinity of Shiva, Braham and Vishnu. Oops! Now you have a very good billion or so rational and clever individuals, true believers dwelling ideal now who accept the existence of the Trinity of Shiva, Braham and Vishnu. So why are they completely wrong and once more, who are you to move judgment?

Take note: There was no response to this obstacle.

Conclusion: The goal listed here was not to show that Osiris really existed instead than in basic principle the Christian God and the Egyptian deity Osiris are on equivalent theological footing given that neither can be verified to have experienced existence or non-existence. There is as much or as minimal probability for the just one as for the other. That’s in distinction to MG who asserts that the Christian God truly exists in true truth and that the Egyptian deity Osiris would not exist and under no circumstances has existed in real actuality.


Postscript: Now this is a person explanation why I imagine you must uncover the Simulation Hypothesis interesting. All theologies could be ‘true’ – Osiris could have almost ‘existed’.

Postscript: God is not a necessary remaining. Brahma, Shiva, Isis and Osiris potentially, but not God. Basically in actuality there is no this sort of detail as a needed remaining due to the fact beings or entities are in no fashion, shape or kind fundamental to existence.

Postscript: What about own ordeals? Own encounters are just that, own. They express no proof relating to that encounter to any individual else who hasn’t shared that encounter, an unlikely taking place given that, by definition, the working experience was personal. More, spiritual experiences are not confined to God, Jesus or the Virgin Mary. All fashion of other deities from Osiris to Shiva to Apollo and Odin have been personally expert. That also applies to extraterrestrials as well as owning visions and communications with the deceased.

Postscript: The idea of a resurrection is not by any signifies limited to Jesus. Resurrection, for case in point, was a frequent topic in Historical Greek mythology. Hercules, as noted earlier mentioned, bought resurrected by his daddy much too! And in Historic Egyptian mythology, Osiris was resurrected by Isis. Further, if you study the Gospels aspect-by-aspect as an alternative on consecutively, you can expect to notice that the different accounts of the resurrection of Jesus are inconsistent and contradictory with various discrepancies with regard to who (that differs) saw what amongst what basically occurred (that differs too) and when and between when (timelines also differ) whatever took place in fact occurred. The personnel, events and timelines are not consistent.