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Avelo Airlines announces $58 roundtrip tickets

Avelo Airlines announces  roundtrip tickets

These flights might cost less than your Uber to the airport

Avelo Airlines announces  roundtrip tickets

Fly to Palm Springs from Sonoma for as little as $58 roundtrip

Ron and Patty Thomas/Getty Images/iStockphoto

One of the best bits of living in California is sheer number of getaway-worthy places in the same state, whether you’re exploring the Sonoma and Napa vineyards, heading to the center of the action in LA, or venturing south to Palm Springs. Now, those living near Sonoma have it even better: Avelo Airlines is launching $29 one-way fares (or $58 round-trip) for flights between Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport (STS) and Palm Springs International Airport (PSP). 

If you’re unfamiliar with Avelo, it’s a charter airline formerly known as Casino Express Airlines and Xtra Airwayslights. Flights begin Nov. 11, and they’ll offer service on Mondays and Fridays, which makes the arrivals and departures ideal for long weekends or week-long holidays with time to recover before heading back to work. 

A screenshot of Kayak's Explore tool, showing $58 roundtrip flights between Sonoma and Palm Springs

A screenshot of Kayak’s Explore tool, showing $58 roundtrip flights between Sonoma and Palm Springs

Kayak/Hearst Newspapers

Here’s how to find the flights: Use Kayak’s Explore tool by setting STS as departure airport and PSP as your destination, and play around with trip duration to find cheapest fares. 

If you take a look around there with the airlines’ low-fare calendar, you’ll see that November is getting a little more pricey than the rock-bottom $29 price. However, December still has plenty of dates open to book this deal on if you want some sun before winter really sets in — you just have to fly before Feb. 13, 2023 to snag the promo fares.

Here are a few dates for the $58 STS-PSP return trip fare SFGATE found: