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Your Naughty Nature – An Erotic Adventure Game For Couples

Your Naughty Nature – An Erotic Adventure Game For Couples

A nature walk with your partner is a great way to unwind and reconnect with the person you love. The tranquil setting will relax you both. Give yourself time alone together to share and discuss your thoughts. It can also be a great opportunity to let nature inspire your lust for each other. You may even find a secluded location to satisfy your desires.

Even if you do not want to unleash your passion outdoors, you can still let your imagination run wild with erotic ideas. Other people may be walking around you while you secretly exchange clues to what you are thinking. You will smile mischievously as you point out interesting sites to each other.

To help you focus on the beauty of nature (yeah any excuse will do), challenge each other to find as many erotic shapes or lewd images as you can — anything that remotely reminds you of sex. You would be amazed how many details you pick out when sex is on your mind. Your naughty thoughts are like mental foreplay. You will be racing to your bedroom when you get home.

Make your erotic adventure more interesting by keeping score. Agree on the best one or who finds the most. The winner gets to play out a fantasy or receives a sexual favor. For this couples game all you need is a dirty mind. Gaze at the clouds, search out insects mating, notice interesting knots in the trees, forage for ideas in flowers or uncover manhood shaped mushrooms. Boulders, crevices, leaves and even tracks in the mud can trigger naughty ideas.

Bring along a digital camera or two and capture nature in all its explicit glory. Collect sets of erotic pictures and create special slide shows to remember your outings together. When you watch them later, you will be amazed how fondly you recall the times you shared on your nature walks thinking naughty thoughts together. Romantic games can be erotic too.

Take any chance you can to enjoy nature together — any reason will do. It really is a great way to enhance your relationship whether you think naughty thoughts or not. Just holding hands and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine can be extremely rewarding.