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Where’s the Temple on the Temple Mount?

Where’s the Temple on the Temple Mount?

Something’s lacking. Rome is synonymous with the Vatican, Mecca with the Kaaba, and Jerusalem’s recognised for its Western Wall. But why need to we stand just before the wall, letting it hinder our vision, when we could be praying in a Temple? Why should Jews keep on to bow in advance of an illegitimate Gentile decree that tells them exactly where to pray? (Isaiah 10:1).

The Turks designated the Wall as an alternative “holy” site because Muslims experienced stolen the Temple Mount! If we rightly refused to acknowledge Uganda as a Jewish “homeland,” why really should Jews settle for just about anything significantly less than a Temple for worship?

That in essence, is the gist of the message our demonstrations find to ship. The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Devoted Movement does not only protest the ongoing Muslim profession of our Temple Mount, but proclaims that this unnatural set of instances will come to an finish. We are confident that Muslim rule on the Temple Mount will soon be record, just as undoubtedly as the Berlin Wall fell and Japanese Europe arrived out from under the Russian heel!

The restoration of Jews from all over the globe to their ancient homeland is only the to start with phase towards the redemption of our land and lives. Israel, for the most aspect, is an vacant, secular state. It can be about as Jewish as The united states is Christian! The simple fact that the Temple Mount is nevertheless with out a Temple stands as an indictment versus Israel! God will maintain Israel’s political and spiritual leaders responsible!

Jerusalem’s known as the heart of Israel, the crown of the “Jewish” Point out. The Temple Mount is the crown jewel. This historic Jewish treasure is a “diamond in the tough.” It awaits our craftsmen’s tender loving treatment to carry it to the outstanding perfection it deserves (Psalms 50:2).

We protest that this accountability has not been fulfilled however, but we proclaim that these items could improve overnight. The planet was caught off guard by the quick succession of events that shook Europe and the previous USSR. The “industry experts” had been uncovered as ignorant for not expecting it.

No person demands to be shocked when unavoidable functions rock Jerusalem, and they sense its aftershocks around the globe. They’ve been foretold. What is actually presently missing in Israel will be found when we’re crammed with our historic mission and achieve our intended function: the restoration of the sacrifices and the design of the Third Temple!

Shamefully, present-day leaders replicate a ghetto-mentality and expose the sorry state of Israel and Jewish affairs! They’re starved for this world’s affection, worried to be different, and way too inclined to sacrifice our exclusive identity! God condemns those kapos of compromise who would somewhat provide-out than get an unpopular stand!

Even nevertheless it truly is not politically appropriate, and goes against our democratic grain, and could outcome in a backlash – Hanukkah represents all those who are inclined, if and when required, to danger the wrath of other people to insure the triumph of very good more than evil, of mild in excess of darkness, and correct about wrong.

In this individual situation, the light of what’s great and proper was the outstanding case in point of all those trustworthy couple of Jews who held their head higher (unwell and tired of becoming beaten down) and publicly chose to reject alien thoughts and damage imposed idols.

The Maccabees were not extremely anxious with a suicidal dread of planet opinion, but mightily expressed their religion in God. They did not flirt with “international affairs,” or engage in self-damaging interfaith orgies. They saved the faith and cleansed the Temple Mount of its religious filth.

Environment Jewry carries on to celebrate Hanukkah to this day, but in the spirit of hypocrisy! We’re extra like the cowering Hellenists who assimilated, alternatively than the brave Maccabees who fought to keep on being legitimate to themselves!

Thank Heavens, there are a expanding quantity in Israel who want to see Jerusalem restored as our spiritual center, and our life rededicated to biblical ideals, not humanist concepts.

Pray for Jerusalem’s peace and the rekindling of Israel’s light-weight!