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What Are the Diverse Sorts of Symbols and Colors Employed in Muslim Wedding day Cards?

What Are the Diverse Sorts of Symbols and Colors Employed in Muslim Wedding day Cards?

In Muslim culture, relationship invitations are acknowledged as Nikah or Walima cards and denote the spiritual significance and rituals noticed in this local community. These playing cards are despatched out to announce the marriage ceremony and type an integral aspect of the whole function. Muslim marriage ceremony playing cards are well known worldwide for their unique symbols, layouts and shades. The presence of these features makes Nikah cards ideal for the wedding ceremony, and devoid of them the event is incomplete.

Down below are the several styles of symbols and hues made use of in Muslim marriage ceremony playing cards.


Star and Crescent-

The star and crescent are an internationally regarded symbol of Islam and signifies religion in God. This religious image contains an impression of a crescent moon and a star. In Muslim lifestyle, star and moon are noticed as the valid symbol of believing in almighty God. It features prominently on the relationship invitation cards as a holy symbol and denotes the faith in God to make the ceremony effective.


The Bismillah symbol consists of the true essence of the holy Quran and denotes the name of Allah. The image reflects the blessing, adoration and guidance from god. This wonderful image is a superb reminder of our connection with the creator and all its generation. Because of to this characteristic, Bismillah symbol is printed on Muslim wedding playing cards to request the blessing and assist of god.


The Allah image means God, and it is applied by Muslims for referring to God in Islam. It signifies religion, blessing and purity. This symbol is printed on the Muslim marriage ceremony cards to make the ceremony holy and divine. It is also believed that Allah symbol on the card will guidebook the relationship to the finest of comprehension, pleasure and appreciate involving the bride and groom.


Shahadah symbol indicates testimony of faith in god. It is the to start with pillar of the 5 pillars of Islam and signifies there is one particular God (Allah). The symbol of the Shahadah is printed on the Muslim wedding cards to deliver oneness amid the visitors attending the marriage. It symbolizes the sanctity, harmony and union with God.


Environmentally friendly-

In Muslim lifestyle, environmentally friendly color is thought of as a standard colour of Islam, and it has a distinctive point out in their holy reserve (Quran). It was very first made use of by the prophet and signifies cleanliness, purity and nature. To Muslims, green colour denotes the freshness of Islam and brings unity amid them. The Eco-friendly colored relationship invitation is a common image of peace, really like and harmony. It highlights the rites of a wedding day and enhances the grace of the ceremony. The environmentally friendly shade depicts the accurate happiness of Muslim wedding ceremony.


In Muslim lifestyle, white shade is regarded as ideal and best. It signifies reality, kindness and positivity. It portrays the feeling of currently being comprehensive and happy. Because of to this characteristic, white colored relationship invites are printed to carry peace, purity and simplicity to the marriage ceremony.