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The Hyperborean Mythos, The Lost Dark Book Of Islam

The Hyperborean Mythos, The Lost Dark Book Of Islam

I read of it first in a journal of antiquities, the strange ‘Dark Book,’ which was said to be the draft of the first Qur’an, before it was put together some time in the mid-7th Century, but what others have now called, a strangeness of an eccentric clergy of his day, has been brought to my attention. He apparently lived a life of curiously and died in a grisly and mysterious fashion, he was the scribe of the so called ‘Lost Dark Book of Islam’, and in lack of his name we shall call him, with a capital letter, the ‘Copyist.’ It was my fortune to have access to this nameless scribe, the Copyist, to find the original editing of this so-called, ‘Lost Dark Book… ‘ was a marvel. And to my understanding only a half dozen of these books ever existed, as for the Copyist, he wrote the original (with side notes, the side notes being the most important to the discovery), and shortly his harassment and doom which overtook the scribe, -is lost to the distant past; collectors of rare literature tried to hide their copies, nameless cults mainly and the reedited notes, and other faulty translations were made of it, of all of it. Eventually, all but one of the original copies were destroyed, and that was the Copyist’s copy. And the carefully un-expurgated edition put into a safe haven for 1400-years in Syria. The volume I stumbled upon unexpurgated, had heavy leather covers, and rusty iron hasps. There have not been many possessors of this book, all others were burnet to ashes by Mohammad’s elite followers, after his death, this one hidden copy with its precious notes kept for posterity’s sake (570 – 632 A.D.)

The keeper of the scroll, spent his whole life, entire life delving into the forbidden subjects within the book, and gained entrance into the innumerable secret writings of this impenetrable book’s notes, its original manuscript notes, notes no one ever had read in its full clarity, but the keeper and me for centuries. When I read them, it was startling, yet clear in description on how it was put together, written, and by whom. Reading about its construction aroused uneasy speculations as to what it was that the Copyist feared? What dark matters for instance were contained in those unknown notes, the scribe had written to form a complete forbidden history of the unpublished manuscript, and his notes he worked unceasingly on, notes to explain which lay fern and catered all over the floor in a locked and bolted chamber, the very one he would be found dead in with marks of talon fingers of some devil’s exertion, around his throat. Certain things will never be known, but piecing the fragments together and reading what he had written, and parts that were burnt carefully kept-that had turned into purple-brown, bunched together closely uncovered the name of the Henchman assigned the task, was clarified by the copyist: the contents of the unpublished book sounds like a raving demons frenzy, and to a certain degree, an untended garden behind the house of darkness, and so I shall read a portion of it.

I shall tell it in paraphrase in the voice of the Copyist, as if left to the hideous memories of the writer, this thing of darkness, as he wrote those notes down day by day: ‘In writing the outline of the Qur’an, Agaliarept was assigned to the task not only to watch over me but to instruct me on nearly every detail, and what not to say or write or think (yes even to contemplate), by Iblis, whom told him to have me use the name of Gabriel, as God’s messenger, mediator’ in place of the Henchman’s.’ Menacing he was, and the scribe broods among this dark legend to be, what should he do? Keep hidden those notes, or destroy them? But is told nonetheless to write down the Arch Angel’s name as the voice of God to Muhammad. And to call God, Allah. But who is Allah, and Agaliarept, Henchman of Hell, Lord of five Legions, says to the Copyist: ‘Allah is Baal.’ And then he is told to make the connection with Abraham-somehow, anyway possible- (and so the line is connected between Abraham’s female servant, and her son, which is Abraham’s son as well, illegitimate one might say… which is debatable!); and to make Christ, the unpardonable sin within its first chapters should anybody of this new religion cater to the likes of him! And Mary of Jesus, to make her less than pure, thus to deny the Immaculate Conception. And it would look the lost and forgotten book, represents one of the obscurities of Lucifer’s mockery to God Almighty, to get to God Satan knows he must use man as his tool, his vessel, for it is through man he lost his standing, he blames his un-forgiveness by the Most High! For can a fly fight an eagle? And does the eagle bother with the fly? For Baal, whom dates back perhaps 9000-years was a god that did nothing, as Allah, not one visible miracle to prove himself worthy of the title ‘God’, he would be used as the prototype for Allah (for Allah, he would not be like the Jewish God or the Christian God, he would be like Baal; of no consequence, that at the end, the very end when the last words of Baal sounded, all that would remain were the gaping graves to be filled in by the uplifted hands of Lucifer, his Islamic followers… ).

I was disappointed to find the Copyist dismissing Allah as an artifact, comparatively ancient as Jericho, that he, or they were no more than a monolith of sorts, a stone statue of no consequence, equal to an archway, or an obelisk. But what an ominous name, it has taken on, with its sullen high angry tides, forsaken clouds of mystery, squalling gusts of rain and witchery.

This was for me an implication of enormous antiquity, immensely of interest, and the keeper of the book-as I had stayed with him for several days, -left the book out, exposed, and the rain came, and one morning as I woke to copy the book by taking photographs, it was rat-eaten and moldering: unaided by the keepers protection after all these centuries, he stood by the book as posed as an impregnable fortress, said: “I must spare the world of the grim tale you are about to tell them, they will miss a chance of seeing the book, of notes,” and that was that, and his mood grew steadily darker.

However little as I have learned from this, I have learned the Arabic verb is to submit, to Allah’s will, and Islam comes from the present participle of the same verb (Baal’s will which is the will of Agaliarept, and his master). One may say that Muslims have misunderstandings of Christians, but this may be false, for the Koran teaches them to be closed-minded on this matter, and arguable to the influential religion of Christianity, not to question their own, but to have the Christian question his instead (thus, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander: they live on a one-way street, figuratively speaking! is that because there is a fear they may wake up out of stupor?); as done in brainwashing.

These supernatural revelations received by Muhammad, whatever they were, he himself may have been tricked by Old Nick, as he indicated once himself; although Muhammad was astute, shrewd, cruel, vindictive to his enemies, elusive and markedly with a religious disposition. Thus, not so unlike Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses, he created his own religion, with the help of his glittering gracious hostess, and the Henchman with his rigidly, disciplined muscular body.

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Note: In “The Dark Book of Islam” the author has no will to slam Islam, or Muslims, but he feels the truth always has a side effect to the reader, he sees it as it possible could have been. Like the black hole, that scientists have wondered about for 100-years, as well as Gravitational Waves. We must concede historically, Islam uses the Old and New Testament, to bring credence to their book, the Qur’an. As does the Mormon Church, and the Jehovah Witness. If I were a lawyer, I’d say on the grounds of strict legal evidence, that the New and old Testaments are historically accurate, but the Qur’an, is beyond a reasonable doubt, an ancient document, of no credence, hearsay rule. No source evidence to prove its worth. Coalesce with the Old and New Testaments, to legalize the Qur’an, as true history of God’s addition to the Gospels of the New Testament, using Abraham as its scapegoat, or stooge.