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Sunlight Worship and Ramadan

Sunlight Worship and Ramadan

The historic Islamic faith of Babylon is the root for all religions, irrespective of their present day features. When systems have shut relations, these as the descendants from the same parentage do, then the similarities are prominent. This is the circumstance when a single traces back the which means of names provided to this kind of period of time as Ramadan. The name breaks down into ‘Ra-ma-d-an’, which implies ‘powerful mother, fed by the sun’.

The Mother God of Babylon is the sunlight, that was stylised into a girl. In that place it was named ‘Ma-r-I’ or ‘Ma-ry’ which means ‘mothers-highly effective-eye’. It can also be penned as ‘marai’ or ‘maria’.

‘Rama’ is the main god of many religions, such as the Vedic of India where by Krishna is the 3rd person of the Trinity. This is the way it was adopted into Christianity in which Christ takes the place of Krishna.

During the thirty day period of Ramadan one is supposedly fed by the sun. That suggests getting no foodstuff or consume through daylight hrs. It is a person of the 5 pillars of the Muslim religion.

The next pillar is that all Muslims must make a pilgrimage to Mecca at lease as soon as throughout their life span. This is in which the Kaaba sits and pilgrims circle it seven instances. The number 7 alongside with the range 5 symbolise the Mom God of Babylon and, thus, Islam. It is the latter amount that is employed in most religions to exhibit their god..

Prayers are also presented five instances a working day. The most well known Islamic image is the 5-place star even though in the Kaaba the legendary photos of the sunlight and moon feature prominently. This is stored top secret by the authorities who reduce exposure of this kind of but one particular isn’t going to have to seem considerably to see the parallels.

The chief god of the Catholic Church is Mary and nuns are presented that title at their ‘marriage’ to the church. Nuns also wear hijabs and costumes resembling these of Muslim women.

Catholics also pray 5 times a day and maintain a fast named lent once a 12 months which precedes the competition of Easter, derived from ‘eye-star’. Adult males died on crosses at this tim in Babylon to ‘marry Mary’ and the monks have sex with nuns who are titled as this sort of.

Secrecy and thriller encompass the origin of all religions but one can penetrate that wall to uncover the solutions. Vowels have been unstable in historical speech and could be changed just one with the other. ‘Sun’ is, thus, the same as ‘sin’, ‘son’, ‘san’, and ‘sen’. A man who died on the cross (the latter symbolised by T) was ‘sen-t’ to the Mom God.

‘San-t’ is the origin of ‘saint’ and ‘syn-o-gogue’ interprets as ‘sun-circle of god’. As crafting made terms modified so dissociating them from the authentic principles. In the ancient texts, however, enough evidence stays to establish that Ramadan and all other religious festivals and tactics are associated to solar worship.