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Summer Camping Tips

Summer Camping Tips

Camping can be very exciting and a lot of fun. Aside from that, the experience can be educational for kids and adults alike. Moreover, it can also be a chance to spend quality time with your family, kids and friends.

The key to a successful and fun camping adventure is to be prepared for everything that lies ahead. Adequate preparation of all the bare essentials you will need and determining firsthand possible scenarios while on the campsite is very important so your camping adventure will go on smoothly. The following is a list of guidelines that campers can make prior to embarking on this adventure.

-Select a safe and conducive camping site. Before you actually plan what you need for the camping, make sure that you have chosen a safe and favorable campsite. When staying outdoors for the night, rain can come in surprisingly. Just remember to stay away from low lying areas that may have the tendency to settle and cause flooding. Camping beside lakes and rivers is not a very good idea what with the proliferation of bugs and mosquitoes at night. Stay away from trees with overhanging branches as strong winds can blow them off right at your tent.

-Make a checklist of everything that you will need. You do not want to go camping overnight and then realize that you forgot to bring a large tent or your trusty sleeping bag. To prevent this, try to make a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to bring with you and while you are packing, make sure that you tick each and every basic essential. The tent is very essential and so make sure that it is sturdy and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. And for a good night’s sleep, the sleeping bag and pad must be comfortable and able to provide adequate insulation from the cold earth.

-Plan the menu specifically and make sure that the meals for camping are carefully planned already. Choose easy to prepare meals. Before you choose particular recipes, remember to get the consensus of everybody if they agree with the planned menus. Ask them their individual likes and dislikes and makes sure that the food that will be served is approved by everybody.

-Dress appropriately for the trip. Although you will be sleeping inside a large tent and covered with a sleeping bag, these are not perfect assurances that you will be kept warm inside. Bring an old jacket with you as you do not want to ruin that new sweater you just bought with mere sparks. Bring sunglasses, hat or cap, socks and gloves. Do not forget to bring rain gears with you like waterproof boots. It is highly recommended you use polypropylene underwear as it prevents moisture build-up; the middle layer loose and comfortable and the other layer must offer water resistant property.

-Plan ahead the activities that will get you through the night. It gets boring out there in the wild doing nothing but chat. You can actually do a lot of things while on the campsite. You can go fishing, swimming, hiking, hunting and even play indoor card games. Just remember that you bring everything you will need for a particular activity.

-Be wary of the presence of wild animals especially when you are outdoors. See to it that foods are properly stored and sealed. It is also not advisable if you eat inside the tent as the smell of food can attract animals. Mosquitoes can be such an annoyance and so remember that you bring with you repellent lotions or sprays upon camping.

All in all, the safety and enjoyment of the campers is of prime importance. Make sure that safety issues and concerns are discussed before you go on your camping adventure.