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Rencong, Aceh Classic Weapon, The Blade of God

Rencong, Aceh Classic Weapon, The Blade of God

Rencong is a common weapon of the area of Aceh, Indonesia, formed like an L, but if you seem extra closely, it appears to be additional like ‘Bismillah'(arabic: in the name of God) calligraphy. Rencong bundled in the classification of dagger (not a knife or sword).


Ahead of Rencong was known, the persons of Aceh experienced been working with a weapon referred to as Siwah. These weapons do not have handles, so it is really hard when applied to struggle, specifically when the weapon is currently protected with blood. These weapons became slippery and simple to free grasp mainly because of that blood. For that reason, on the orders of Sultan Alaiddin Riayat Syah Al-Kahhar ruling at the time, the smiths then named to improve Siwah with new designs that are not difficult when made use of for war. The blacksmith was lastly added a-shaped handles Ba (the next letter in Arabic script) in the Siwah. Later on this weapon recognised as the reuncong or rincong, in the Indonesian language is known as Rencong.

Rencong had presently existed considering that the late of 19th century, this is just one of the weapons used to wage war towards the Dutch colonizers, especially in the Aceh war that lasted concerning the yrs 1873-1904 Ad. Symbolically, this weapon are worthy as a heritage weapon to evoke the martial spirit of Aceh soldiers. Just about all soldiers and Aceh guerrilla chief tucked it in the midsection while keeping the wrestle of their homeland, like females, these kinds of as Tjut Nyak Dien and other heroines.


Rencong normally divided into 4 elements: Rencong eyes (bar), punting Rencong, Ulee Rencong (handle) and sarong Rencong (sheath). Recong’s forn blade slightly curved with a pointed tip segment, but not like kris(we will write about this kris before long). For that reason, as a actual physical weapon, it is more powerful and appears to be reliable when held. The complete front side are sharp, even though the sharp aspect of the again is only about a few-quarters of which is shut to bud. There is bean-flower inverted shape carved in the front side in the vicinity of the foundation of the higher blade. This portion is known as Bengkuang Rencong, and is a nail stilisasi of garuda chicken, or eagle.

Sarong Rencong and higher reaches can be built of basic wood, ivory or buffalo horn. To bolster and beautify, this sarong tied with a ring-shaped metallic piece known as klah. Klah was created of brass, silver, or gold. Meanwhile, Ulee Rencong can be adorned with silver or gold engraved.

At very first Rencong perform only as a weapon to defend by themselves and fight the enemies like the Dutch colonizers. In addition, it also made use of as the completeness of the area common costume. Aceh men and women use it by putting it in the folds of the sarong to the wearer’s stomach. Rencong upstream dealing with the correct hand, although the system stuffed in the facet posture, leaning to the correct as perfectly. Symbolically, this is very likely to facilitate the consumer to simply draw it when essential. Nonetheless, the current Rencong functions have developed. It also made use of as memento given to the guests these kinds of as government officers or men and women who appear to visit this Mecca Porch place.

Symbolic price

Involved with symbolic worth, this usual weapon of Aceh is exclusive and includes philosophical values regarding the faith of Islam. This was proven in design generating, specially in the variety of stem letter ‘Ba’, as an abbreviation of the word in Arabic bismillah. The phrase suggests that the men and women of Aceh are holding fast to the teachings of Islam. In addition, the word Rencong has develop into a image for this most western regional in Indonesia. As Aceh is termed, is typically usually accompanied by the phrase Rencong Land. Beside that, there are also phrases Porch of Mecca, which confirms that the Aceh area is very thick in practice the Islamic religion.