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Ramadan – The Thirty day period Of Fasting

Ramadan – The Thirty day period Of Fasting

The word Ramadan will come from the Arabic root ‘ramida’ or ‘ar-ramad’, which implies scorching heat or dryness. There could be two interpretations to this identify. A single is that Ramadan signifies the burning want for food and h2o given that it is the month of fasting. The other interpretation is that fasting with a pure intention burns away the before sins. It is considered that fasting all through Ramadan is 30 situations more strong than for the duration of any other time of the yr.
Ramadan is replete in customs and traditions. A follower of Islam is anticipated to adhere to strictly the holy customs and notice Ramadan with a pure heart. Ramadan is the holiest of the 4 holy months in the Islamic lunar calendar. As soon as the sighting of the new moon is authenticated from a dependable source, various customs and stringent techniques begin as aspect of the deep rooted Ramadan tradition. At the graduation of Ramadan, Muslims want each and every other expressing, “Ramadan Mubarak” which implies “Blessed Ramadan.”

Ramadan – Do’s and Don’ts

Ramadan is a thirty day period of fasting. Having said that it is most often misinterpreted as merely a period of abstaining from food items. The significance of Ramadan fasting in reality encompasses a considerably broader array of things to do. It signifies abstaining from –

i) Foods

ii) Consume

iii) Sexual intercourse

iv) Poor habits (these kinds of as cigarette smoking, gossiping, losing time, far too a great deal useless tv, complaining, etcetera.)

During the Ramadan thirty day period followers of Islam are anticipated to commit their time performing the next actions –

i) Examining/reciting the Qur’an (at minimum a person Juz or portion for each working day)

ii) Salat – there are excess night time prayers, and one might come across this a very good time to exercise far more sunnah prayers as properly

iii) Dhikr – Remembrance of Allah and repetition of His Attributes

iv) Du’a – Actively thanking Allah for all of our blessings, and heading to Him only for our requires

v) Other spiritual reading through or finding out

vi) Investing high-quality time with our family members and Muslim friends

vii) Sharing with others

viii) Supplying a lot more charity

Ramadan Prayers

For the duration of Ramadan a Muslim is envisioned to commit the significant aspect of the working day to prayers and the looking at the teachings of Quran. For the duration of the complete moth of Ramadan, Muslims are advised to study the full Quran. For the advantage of examining the Quran in the thirty times of Ramadan, the 114 chapters of it have been divided in to thirty equal parts. The distinctive evening prayers wherever lengthy parts of the Quran are recited are known as Taraweeh. Its an Arabic word indicating rest or leisure. Because these prayers are pretty long, soon after each for rakaats the devotes momentarily unwind right before resuming their prayers. Consequently the identify.
Another essential prayer is the Takbeer which is generally recited soon after the completion of any significant endeavor, for occasion it is recited on the completion of the quickly of Ramadan. Takbeer is an indication that the festivities of Eid-Ul-Fitr has begun.

Ramadan Food stuff

Ramadan becoming the thirty day period of fasting, no food is taken from sunrise to sunset. Foods are taken ahead of dawn and soon after sunset. These foods are known as Suhur – the meal in advance of sunrise and Iftar – the meal after sunset. Buddies and spouse and children get collectively all through Suhur and Iftar to enjoy foods with each other. A large assortment of food ia taken. Muslims in diverse sections of the world have their individual chosen dishes for Suhur and Iftar, nevertheless the spirit of Ramadan remains the exact same during.