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Praying To The East Five Occasions A Day Is Sunlight Worship

Praying To The East Five Occasions A Day Is Sunlight Worship

The religions based mostly on sunlight worship have their roots in Babylon, the property of the Amors and Islam. The sunlight was always thought of the Mother God who gave lifestyle and then took it. The planet was at ‘her’ mercy and when it unsuccessful to show up factors died. Guys set up sticks to plot the training course of the sunlight all through the yr and the two extremes had been so potent a time they became the creating blocks of ‘faith’. ‘Sol-stice’ is from ‘sun-stick’ even though ‘eqin-ox’ was the marriage of the horse and ox.

To explain these aspects it was required to understand how and why tips were being conveyed and transported. That took me back again to the begin of the thinking from which the gods were derived. Terms fell apart and the syllables discovered as ‘terms’ were shaped from symbols produced from the sun’s photos on the floor.

Those people similar visuals are located in Rock Art from the past Ice Age and in tribal groups who remained ‘uncontaminated’ by Western impact until finally recent times. They also seem on monuments in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. This reveals the widespread distribution of the exact strategies and details to a solitary mother or father affect.

The 1st these kinds of picture dates back again to c 300,000 yrs back and is that of the correct-angled cross etched on a nummulite shell fossil uncovered in Tata, Hungary. The horse-ox relationship is described in detail in the caves at Lascaux. The considering powering them is that the solar (horse) was fertilised by the bull (ox) at the begin of spring.

This is the basis of most spiritual principles nowadays though the roots of them have been hidden. [H] is a late addition to the alphabet and will come from the Greek image for the ‘seat of Zeus’. That usually means the peak of the mountain and is how it must be interpreted. ‘Or’ is an previous expression for ‘sun’ and [s] similarly for ‘spirit’.

The initial phrase ‘or-s’ indicates ‘sun-light’ or ‘sun’s spirit’. The beam of light became the ‘horse’ in mythology while the ‘bull’ is from ‘b-el’ or ‘bearing God’. It is also as ‘ba-al’, ‘b-el, and so on. ‘Ba-al-I’ is from the similar source and in Australian Aborigine tradition they have mountains named ‘mumma-bulla’. That is from some 60,000 or far more a long time because they settled in Australia.

[S] and [5] are practically identical in shape and they each mean ‘spirit’. The number 5 identifies the sunlight and is a holy number in most religions. The 5-level star sits on the flag of Islam cradled in the arms of the crescent moon and the iconic images inside of the Kaaba, Mecca, are the solar and moon. The exact same can be noticed previously mentioned the mosques.

The similar star sign is showcased on weapons of wars, police motor vehicles, over legislation institutions, and on the shoulders of generals. It is universal because of the solitary father or mother generator. That implies that all establishments, religions, and governments have developed from the identical supply. It is why Muslims pray to the east, the course of the solar rise, five periods a day. Catholic monks also pray 5 moments a working day as do people of other faiths.