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Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry and the August 2011 Riots in Britain

Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry and the August 2011 Riots in Britain

A young Malaysian university student nursing a broken jaw, inflicted on him in the course of the August 2011 riots across Britain, expressed sorrow for all those who robbed him for the duration of their pretext of coming to his support. His compassion toward their steps produced headlines close to the earth. The Key Minister of Britain built it clear that he had no these kinds of views of compassion towards the crimes committed by the rioters. His indignant political response also produced world headlines. The question occurs as to why this violent rioting with its a variety of levels of compassion experienced occurred in the initially place? A scientific reply can be deemed to exist connected to a recently emerging clinical chemistry.

The mathematical association among evolving human emotion and an infinite reality can only be scientifically investigated by way of the use of fractal geometrical logic. For the duration of the Initial Kingdom of Egypt, pics were built depicting these geometrical logic getting applied to hyperlink compassion to an imaginary infinite hereafter. Egyptian hieroglyphs document that in the Second Kingdom, pursuing the collapse of the First Kingdom through a extended drought, the concepts of compassion, mercy and justice were fused into political law. Philosophers from historic Greece, which includes Pythagoras, travelled to Egypt to analyze this geometry of political ethics. That information fashioned the foundation of the science designed by the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy, which was named the Science for Ethical Ends.

When a Roman Christain mob burned the Fantastic Library of Alexandria in the 5th Century and murdered its custodian, the mathematician Hypatia, St Augustine proclaimed her use of Platonic fractal logic to be a pagan heresy and the mathematics was condemmend as the function of the Devil. Western science turned so contaminated with this nonsense that 20th Century science became based on the Einsteinian entire world-look at, in which an incorrect comprehending of the next law of thermodynamics became the leading legislation governing all of the sciences. This meant that it became unachievable to associate human evolution to infinite fractal logic, though experts agreed that this sort of logic did in truth extend to infinity.

The 21st Century advancement of Platonic-Fullerene chemistry has shown that the residing course of action is in truth a fractal logic phenomenon, which troubles the now out of date knowing of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Global economic rationalism, based mostly upon the 2nd regulation mentality, consists of no sustainable ethics at all, no subject how substantially it is praised by entropic aestheticism. The existing world wide financial turmoil, acting against naturally evolving compassion, is now definable within the performing of the Molecule of Emotion discovered by Dr Candace Pert in 1972. It is basically the acceleration of the ugly unethical universal chaos as is specifically defined by the outdated knowing of the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

The answer to this social scientific madness is about understanding of how the workings of entropic chemistry are balanced by the working of Platonic-Fullerene chemistry. Entropic quantum mechanics co-exists with the fractal logic of quantum biology. Clearly, this will require assistance from people today with economic genius who are intrigued in encouraging to create the wealth belonging to the technologies associated with a sustainable human compassionate actuality. As the unnatural global financial debt crisis continues to injury both of those the product and Platonic non secular (holographic) environments, so the entropic nightmare that we live in, will enhance in developing additional unnecessary chaos and destruction. That is merely the stated prime directive of the unbalanced entropic world-watch ethos.

Aristotle concieved of an ethical health-related science to guidebook ennobling governing administration so that civilisation would not come to be extinct. As Platonic-Fullerene chemisty is developed as a health-related science, the ennobling wisdom innate in just the historical Atomistic science for ethical ends, can beharnessed as a extra sustainable guideline for a new ethical world-wide financial rationalism.

© Professor Robert Pope.