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Pedal Kayak – Main Advantages and Some Drawbacks

Pedal Kayak – Main Advantages and Some Drawbacks

There are many advantages to pedal boats for both the leisure kayakers and sports fanatics. These kinds of boats are somewhat similar to old-fashioned kayaks in shape and design, except for one thing. A paddle is not used to power these boats; they are powered by a propeller that is power-driven by built-in pedals.

The goal of your trip on the water will reveal if a pedal kayak is the good option for you. In general, these can be really useful for those people that must have their hands free while they are boating.

One of the main crowds that most gain from pedal kayaks is fishermen. How these kayaks differ from the traditional paddle version? This sleek boat provides these great benefits: the mobility, maneuverability as well as you will be able to have your hands free for the fishing part of your trip. With the pedal boat, you will be able to move your boat around by only moving your legs and still have the ability to continue to fish at the same time.

Another grouping that is significantly able to harvest the benefits of a pedal kayak is people who simply watch and observe nature. Because of the simplicity of mobility and the quietness of the boat the amateur or trained nature observer will be in a better position to do their job from the water in this type of vessel.

They are not just silent or almost noiseless, but they also free up your hands. When you have your hands free, you are able to more effortlessly take pictures or videos as well as record on paper what you see and observe while continuing to move the boat with your feet.

Are there any drawbacks? One of the main disadvantages is the fact that a mechanism is now attached to your kayak. This takes away from the tradition that you previously enjoyed.

Now your boat is not so simple anymore and you no longer have the primary means of propelling – a paddle. This also removes a safety tool since you could make use of the paddle to flip the kayak back over if it capsizes.