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Moses and His Magic Wand

Moses and His Magic Wand

Moses grew up Egyptian and the follow of magic was passed down to him as it was to all Egyptian kids from technology to technology. “Moses was educated in all the learning of the Egyptians, and he was a person of ability in text and deeds.” – Acts 7:22) [NASB]

There was no room for question, just area for observe and religion. God not only is effective as a result of gentleman, God is effective by mother nature as very well. Moses, this “gentleman” of God parted the Purple Sea. What words and phrases did he use? There are no recorded words and phrases for this miracle. Moses experienced learned that the wood rod he carried with him had electrical power to do miracles in entrance of Pharaoh and his magicians. He had appear to count upon the rod (magic wand, walking adhere), so when he got to a crisis situation, he used the rod and his intention to section the waters of the Pink Sea. Noting the resources he applied, and his history in Egypt, Moses was in all probability regarded as a wizard or person of magic.

After primary a team of ornery persons in the desert for numerous days, I am confident Moses was weary of the griping congregation and questioned why God signed him up for the undertaking. The people were thirsty and demanded the “Man of God with the Magic Rod” to do a little something to remedy the predicament. You will recall in an before account when God first spoke to Moses and advised him that he would guide the folks out of bondage, that Moses had a little bit of reservation about his talking capabilities. God granted that Moses’ brother, Aaron, would go with him on the mission and be the spokesman to Pharaoh. In the problem of furnishing drinking water for the Israelites, Moses was explained to by God to speak to the rock. Moses spoke to a rock and it introduced forth h2o for the people today to drink. The subsequent time the people today (still griping and fussing) desired h2o, he was all over again to communicate to the rock to conduct the wonder and manifest h2o exactly where there was none. Alternatively of talking to the rock, Moses smote or struck the rock, probably with his rod. What sort of faith did he have at that stage? His faith was in his magic wand or strolling adhere.

The Bible mentions that God was upset about this. Why? Moses experienced grow to be accustomed to utilizing tools of divination to work miracles, but at this position, God required to instruct Moses and display to the whining complaining people today that our Words have ability to generate. They had been building much more misery for by themselves by complaining alternatively than staying grateful that they had been no extended less than the handle of Pharaoh! So, they manifested for them selves several a lot more wilderness “do-overs” somewhat than moving into the land that experienced been promised them. Can you believe that they really blamed God for what they ended up manifesting? God would like us all to know that no matter of what varieties of instruments we have at our disposal, our most potent instrument is the spoken term. Wow! Some thing to ponder. Frame of mind moreover the spoken word manifests results. You can find much more to arrive on this subject matter in chapter eight.

I have experienced the practical experience of speaking issues into existence. I hardly ever question God. In California, we experienced a tree in our yard that we heard was meant to have wonderful pink bouquets shadowed with a white lining, but we hardly ever observed them in the very first seven yrs we lived there. After instructing a class in white magic a single night at my house, I went exterior on a entire moon and stood in the position of a star with 5 factors (earth, air, fireplace, water & spirit – arms, legs and head). I named on or verbally “invoked” the goddess electricity to enter me to let this lousy tree bloom and do its aspect in nature. Two times afterwards, it bloomed. My heart filled with gratitude. We have this kind of magnificent, Divine dad and mom.