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Magickal Oils of Indonesian Shamanism Portion 2

Magickal Oils of Indonesian Shamanism Portion  2

Take note: The following descriptions of the magickal oils consist of overseas words and phrases and phrases (Javanese/Arabic/Indonesian)–they are remaining untranslated for correct identification of the oils and the mantras/prayers related with them.

Minyak Istanbul

Istanbul oil is one particular of the a lot more frequent magickal types simply observed offered in the Arab communities all about Indonesia and worn specially by the teachers of Islam. It has numerous grades and the superior types exude a incredibly pungent, but aromatic scent. The moment smelled it is rarely ever overlooked. It stays as a long lasting memory. The scent is fairly enduring, sometimes long lasting for days on one’s human being and some say, could be sensed as far away as 20 ft–nevertheless this may be an exaggeration. Simply because of its pungency, not as well many people today concur nicely with it, indicating that it helps make their head whirl.

Minyak Istanbul while worn as an common fragrance between the pedagogues of Islam, is also employed by shamans as a strong oil for the uses of romance, sexual attraction, and charisma. When empowered with one’s individual energies and assumed-sort, any individual within just the range of the scent would not only glimpse our way, but experience captivated and have the desire to socialize with us. The reverse sex would locate us attractive or very good-on the lookout. Pure Istanbul oil is challenging to procure, most of what is marketed by marketplace destinations have been diluted and blended with other oils.

The oil may perhaps be consecrated with the subsequent mantra to entice a particular human being:


“Ingsun matek ajiku sibayang-bayang rasa

“Aji minyak istanbul sing kramat pengasihan

“Siapa lihat dia terpikat dan turut terpikat

“Siang kharisma nabi Yusuf as ada di wajahku

“Allahuma ya Allah” 7x

“Ya Muhammad” 3x

“Inkanat ila syaihatan wahidatan fa idzahum Jamiul ladaina muhdhorun” 7x

“Sing aku pantek si (the name of the particular person one wishes to draw in) datang padaku haqqul yakin.”

Minyak Sinyong-Nyong

Between the quite a few surprise oils of the Dayaks is (Si)-Nyong-nyong. This minyak originates with the Iban tribe. It is a unusual magical really like oil applied by the natives of Kalimantan mostly for keeping one’s spouse faithful, while it is also utilized in other affairs related to the heart by both of those guys and ladies.

It is claimed that adult males who are impacted by the affect of this oil would under no circumstances dedicate adultery, even-though below barraged by the wildest temptation that the fairer sexual intercourse may direct to them. In the event a person ended up to succumb to the wiles and seduction of a temptress, he would discover himself getting rid of his sexual potency and would be not able to accomplish the coitus rite. The bizarre factor is that despite the fact that impotent when it will come to other girls, the system would functionality typically when fulfilling sexual duties toward one’s lawful spouse.

Nyong-nyong is produced by means of a elaborate ritualistic procedure that is kept magic formula by the producers of this oil. It is usually produced during the natal day of the magically powerful head of the tribe. In accordance to resources, on this specific working day, enchanted bottles are hung compulsorily on a certain banyan tree species for 7 days and nights, after which time the bottles are magically loaded with a thick fluid, and this is recognized as Nyong-nyong. The ceremony is not often successful which accounts for its rarity.

Nyong-nyong may well be used in quite a few ways, a person way is to have it ingested by the unsuspecting subject. A number of drops in the subject’s consume is adequate to bring about him to reject the approaches of other ladies. The influence of the oil could only very last for many months or months, all through which time the enchanter would repeat the approach to manage the standing quo.

In basic, the a lot of like oils of the Dayaks may perhaps be applied for influencing a further employing the subsequent ceremony:

Get some filth or soil from the subject’s footprints and wrap it up in a white piece of cloth, just after which various drops of a appreciate oil really should be utilized on the bundle. Soon after this is finished, the bundle of soil need to be positioned beneath one’s pillow. The topic ought to then be visualized in an ideal manner whilst calling out his or her identify at the very least three moments. Concurrently, the pillow should be turned frequently and crushed.

Although challenging to get, Nyong-nyong oil is offered to all those that lookup for it. Minyak Nyong-nyong may well be discovered bought by some fragrance sellers, peddlers, and business psychics despite the fact that the genuineness of the oil presented is questionable.

Minyak Air-Mata Duyung

This oil is the eye-secretion, or tears of the sea mammal, known as, dugong (sea-cow) or “duyung” amid the locals listed here in Indonesia. The creature sheds tears for lubrication of the eyes. The duyung is long considered to be the mythological mermaid and relevant to the Greek “sirens” nevertheless, the latter is normally referred to by Indonesian folklorists as “putri-duyung” and is very various from the “ikan-duyung” or the dugong. Its scientific classification is as abide by :

Family: Pugongidae in the get Sirenia.

Classification: Dugong dugon.

When unintentionally caught in fishermen’s nets, possibly out of the discomfort of battle, the light and harmless dugong sheds these “crocodile tears.” Most fishermen are careful to wipe these tears off the dugong with cotton swabs in advance of returning the creature to the sea. The fluid in the cotton is later pressed and released into vials.

The oil or eye-secretion of the dugong has a fantastic but slight scent and is remarkably-prized for its magickal ability to bring in the reverse sexual intercourse and is generally made use of as a stand-on your own or a mix with other magickal oils of mother nature with superior pheromone articles. In physical appearance, the “minyak air-mata duyung” is crystal-very clear like h2o of a stream. Mainly because of its scarcity, it is pretty expensive.

Minyak Bulus

Minyak Bulus is derived from the fat of the fresh new-water turtle and is applied as an energetic ingredient for rising the measurement of sexual appendages such as breasts and penises. It has a thick, yellowish appearance. When purchasing this oil one particular ought to be careful as there are numerous fakes in the marketplace-place. To use this oil one particular just anoints and massages one’s breast or penis with it. Scientific exploration on the virtues of the Bulus oil has not still been performed as much as we know, but generations of use of the oil presents credence to it truly is awesome attributes.

Minyak Apel Jin

In the course of rites of spirit-conjurations and evocations, shamans and all those included with Islamic occultism listed here in Indonesia frequently correct the Apel Jin oil for facilitating the contact. This oil has a black visual appeal. The thicker varieties of this oil seems like tar and may be burnt on glowing embers as incense. The Apel-Jin is typically utilized to conjure regional or property-spirits or individuals entities belonging to the reduce astral realm. Its composition is a highly retained magic formula but some say that it includes items extracted from domestic reside-stock or farm animals. The Apel-Jin comes in several grades and originally packed in apple-like brass containers–consequently providing its name.

Minyak Lintah

Lintah signifies “leech.” Minyak Lintah is hence translated into “Oil of Leeches.” This oil, like the minyak bulus, is used to raise the size of the male penis and numerous have confirmed as to its efficacy. The oil has a black visual appearance and is derived from leeches prepared in a top secret-way. The software strategy is similar as the Minyak Bulus.

Minyak Kesambi and Minyak Banyu Urip

The “Banyu Urip” and Kesambi oils are names of solutions specified by their adept-producer. These oils are extracted from the sap of selected trees and then empowered with magickal-power. The User only require eat the potions for the powers to start to take outcome in his entire body. The virtues of the Banyu Urip oil are as comply with: it strengthens the bones it builds-invulnerability towards sharp weapons it leads to wounds to heal swiftly it strengthens the pores and skin it presents magickal protection versus detrimental entities and forces it will increase one’s personal magnetism it provides just one “sabda siddhi” or it brings about one’s text to have ability it increases psychic sensitivity, and many others. The Kesambi oil is a course far more effective than the Banyu Urip–aside from invulnerability against sharp weapons, it also makes one invulnerable against bullets. The consumption of 7 bottles of either one particular of the oils gives extensive-long lasting long-lasting outcomes of the powers.

Minyak Cimande

Amongst martial-artists of Pencak Silat right here in Java, Indonesia, the Cimande (pronounced: Chee-Mun-Working day) oil is fairly famed for its electric power of invulnerability and its capacity to support the therapeutic of broken bones, bruises, wounds, muscle-pull, twisted ligaments, and many others. The actual physical components and look of the Cimande oil may change from 1 shaman producer to a different, but the magickal electric power permeating them as empowered by these producers, are the similar. Some of the ingredients of the Cimande oil are scarce and not simply obtainable as a result, once in a while, the producers of the Cimande oils have to make do with what is accessible and use the best substitutes–this also contributes to the various appearances from just one inventory to a further even by the exact producer. There are a lot of of these Cimande oils marketed in regular marketplaces but not all are real–most have been diluted by their resellers to make far more financial gain, so one has to physical exercise warning when getting them. The reseller’s exercise of chopping the oils is looked on with a good volume of irritation by their producers.

There are generally two types of Cimande oils–though far more are claimed to exist. These two varieties of oils might have many appearances, and normally, even resembling having said that, they are to be differentiated by their uses and not their seems. The 1st style is the standard Cimande “balur” oils made use of for massages, for therapeutic bruises and slight injury conditions. The second sort assists to heal broken-bones and used for major muscle injuries. It also builds-up invulnerability towards sharp-weapons and punches in the consumer. Some Cimande-oils could be ingested for therapeutic the organs. Cimande-oils could have robust sweet-sourish odors dependent on the components employed.

The Cimande-oil is extremely praised by those concerned in martial-arts and get in touch with-sports activities.

Minyak Ponibasawa

1 of the magickal oils appropriated in Islamic occult observe in Indonesia is the Ponibasawa oil. This oil is primarily utilised for uncovering acknowledged treasures concealed in sure websites or manifesting dollars, gold, and jewels by way of occult rituals. Authentic Ponibasawa oils have been consecrated with the verses of the Quran and the Divine Names–as recited by a complete “choir” of religious adepts and their learners. The real pressure of the ponibasawa lies in the khodams or angelic servants of the Quranic verses and Divine Names anchored into the oil and in particular represented by the needles immersed within just them. Good electricity is also released by the oil in the evaporation course of action during occult rites, and this conveys the essential energies for the khodams of the oil to carry out their assigned task. Lots of anomalies have been mentioned concerning the ponibasawa oils or its variants, this kind of as, when the vial of the oil is put in a glass of h2o, it would induce the evaporation of the drinking water at a extremely rapid rate. Some have claimed that the khodams of the ponibasawa oils dislike alcoholic beverages, so when introduced near bottles of alcoholic drinks, the latter would shatter into items.

Through rites of treasure retrieval or manifesting funds or gold from the ethers, the oil is usually utilised in conjunction with significant grades “Buhur,” or powdered incenses. Particular prayers and mantras are recited to activate the ability and forces associated with the oil.

There are many ponibasawa oils bought in regular markets, but they are not all authentic and most of them are fakes in the perception that they are unempowered with occult power. The legitimate kinds are extremely high priced and scarce and are reported to appear from Turkey. Ponibasawa oils are of numerous hues and appear in sealed vials in bigger glassed-tubes. The number of sealed vials may change, from a person to 3–or even a lot more. In every single of the sealed vials are empowered needles of a variable amount–the much more needles they consist of, the more powerful the oil–some variants of the ponibasawa oil do not contain any needles, although.

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