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Larnaca, the Gateway to Cyprus

Larnaca, the Gateway to Cyprus

Most people today arriving in Cyprus do so through Larnaca Global Airport, which is located on the outskirts of the town. As airports go it is little in comparison to many others though the opening of a new terminal is imminent. From the Airport most places in Cyprus are no more than a two and a half hour push.

On the limited 5 moment generate to the town, you are not able to are unsuccessful to be amazed by the sight of flamingos, feeding on Larnaca’s salt lake and the dome of the Hala Sultan Tekke in the length. Hala Sultan suggests “Great Mom” in Turkish and refers to Umm Haram who, legend has it, was the reputed aunt of the Prophet Mohammad, fell from a mule, broke her neck and died. She was buried on the web page of the existing Tekke (Muslim Shrine), and her tomb and subsequent mosque have grow to be an critical position of worship for Muslims. For Turkish Cypriots its great importance is surpassed only by the shrines of Mecca, Medina and Al Aksa. The mosque is surrounded by date palms, cypress, olive trees and appears to be really substantially the aspect of a desert oasis.

The Mosque and shrine overlooks the Larnaca Salt Lake which is home to flamingos and other migratory birds which halt from and to Africa all through the autumn and spring. The lake fills with winter rains and gradually dries up as summer months techniques, leaving a fantastic movie of salt. In the middle ages salt mining was carried out below, but air pollution from plane exhausts in fashionable occasions has rendered the salt commercially useless.

Legend has it that Larnaca was proven by one of Noah’s grandsons in the 13th century. Existing day Larnaca is created about the original website of Historic Kition and some of the ruins of the historical metropolis can be uncovered at Leontiou Machaira near the Archaeological Museum.

The church of Agios Lazaros and Byzantine Museum is situated to the south of the city center and is a mix of Latin and orthodox influences. Within the church’s courtyard is the Byzantine Museum. Legend has it that Jesus raised Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha, from the useless. Quickly following this, Lazarus was expelled from Jerusalem by the Jews, and came to Larnaca the place he was ordained as a bishop by St. Barnabas. Lazarus introduced Christianity to Cyprus and remained a bishop for 30 a long time. After his loss of life he was buried in which the latest church stands. His relics did not remain entombed for extremely extensive. Following their discovery in 890 they were transported to Constantinople and in 1204 moved to Marseille.

Larnaca Fort is situated at the water’s edge and separates Finikoudes, Larnaca’s promenade and the aged Turkish quarter. The fort dates from 1625 and was designed by the Turks to protect the town. It was applied more usually as a jail, especially when the island was underneath British handle. Climbing up the walls provides very good views of the sea. The fort is on the seashore and visitors can stroll close to the sea wall with the water up to their ankles.

The fort has archeological displays from the site of Kition and is also made use of as the Larnaca Municipal Cultural Center all through the summer season.