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ISLAMIC MEDIA Data files Islamic Poetry

ISLAMIC MEDIA Data files Islamic Poetry

In The Title Of Allah

We find Allah’s protection
From Shaitan evil head
And begin with the name of Allah
Most Merciful, Most Type!

Allah is Terrific

Allah is Good this I know,
For the Qur’an tells me so
All of us to him belong,
We are weak but he is robust.

Allah is A person
Related to none
Allah is One particular!
No father, no mother
No sister, no brother
No daughter, no son
Allah is A single!

We Thank you Allah

For All the issues
we have today
for all our pals
we enjoy so substantially
for house, for foods
for perform and participate in,
we thank you,
Oh Allah.


When real truth was shed and hearts frozen
from You, Allah arrived a Prophet, decided on.
Blessed Prophet Muhammad, obedient to You
taught us the points we should to do.

He taught us for selected that You are One
and that You have neither a daughter nor son.
He taught us to be superior to our mom and father
and that Paradise lies below the ft of our mom.

I appreciate you my Prophet and sing your praise
and comply with your Sunnah, Prophetic Methods.
A person day I will come to go to your tomb
Insh’Allah, that working day will be extremely before long.

Muhammed (Noticed)

What a 12 months was 570 Advert
A man or woman was born, a prophet to be
Muhammed (saws) that was his identify
People were misguided and thats when he came
He would go on to leave all the idols guiding
He is an example to all of mankind

Rabbi al Awwal the 12th, that was the working day
He came to this planet to show us the way
He was born in Mecca, the holiest spot
A everyday living whole of challenges he was to experience
Abdullah (ra) his father, experienced by then passed away
Leaving Amina (ra) his mother, in her arms he lay

Haalima Sadia, took around his care
Right up until he was six, our prophet was there
His mother then died, he was still left all alone
Abdul Muttalib (ra) his grand-dad then manufactured him his individual
When our prophet was nine, his grandfather died
Abu Talib, his uncle, turned his new information

In his 20’s, a service provider Muhammed (saws) turned by trade
Al-Amin, (the reliable) became his grade
Hazrat Khadija (ra) aged 40, grew to become his bride
He was 25, with her by his side
To the very poor,she gave away all her wealth
A devoted spouse in sickness and health and fitness

360 idols in the Kaaba, they ended up at that time
Our prophet realised that this was a crime
He would go to mount Hira,leaving driving his spouse
Reflecting and wanting to know about the that means of everyday living

Even though thinking there in the midst of the evening
He read a loud voice which loaded him with fright
It was the angel Gibrail(as) who requested him to go through
Our prophet couldn’t and failed to choose heed
The angel embraced him and then requested him afterwards
Examine, Read through in the name of the Creator
Who established person from a fall of blood

Our prophet couldn’t browse but at that time he could
Our prophet rushed to the route straight ahead
He heard a voice from the heavens which said
Muhammed (saws) truly you are the messenger of God
Muhammed (saws) was fearful and imagined this pretty odd
‘Praise be to God’ his wife claimed in its place
”I know you have been picked out as God’s messenger’ she claimed
And hence Khadija (ra) grew to become the initial woman of islam

And more than the upcoming 23 years came the revelation, the Quran
He preached to all people, every single creed each race
But so many hardships he had to deal with
There have been fears for his lifestyle, then the Hijrat took spot
He then entered Medina, all by Allah’s grace
He was greeted by the Ansaris who gave their salaam
To him and his companians,the Sahaba ikram

Then arrived the battles, which had been fought experience to face
Then the conquest of Mecca, Muhammed (saws)’s birthplace
An Nasr was exposed, it truly is message was crystal clear
Muhammed (saws) knew that his time was in the vicinity of
All people gathered to listen to his final speech
minimal did they know how considerably Allah’s information would reach

Muhammed (saws) gave us the miracle the Quran
And now a 1/4 of the world comply with Islam
He is our part-design, the most effective of mankind
And has still left the Quran and his Sunnah at the rear of

Read through the Quran as much as you can
The terms of Allah (swt) for the steering of guy
And abide by our prophet’s sunnah, when consuming and dressing
And ship him salutations and quite a few a blessing
He arrived to mankind to demonstrate us the way
And Insha-Allah, we will satisfy him, we’ll satisfy him just one working day

Muslim Responsibilities:
The Five Pillars of Islam

Allah is A person and like no just one,
He has no lover, nor a son,
He is Type and Just and Sensible,
And has no type, form or dimensions.

His closing Messenger to all of us,
Did so significantly without having a fuss,
Muhammad is his blessed name,
As mercy to the worlds he arrived.

Five instances a day we make Salah,
Which is when we bow down to Allah,
We question for guidance when we pray,
And this we do each individual single working day.

We have to share with those people in want,
And not give in to ideas of greed,
Zakah then can help us in this way,
Lest we should err and go astray.

In the month of Ramadan we need to rapid,
From the first working day to the previous,
When foodstuff and drink we put aside,
By fasting principles we then abide.

And all these who can find the money for,
Seek out the pleasure of their Lord,
They carry out their Hajj you know,
When to Makkah the pilgrims go.

Islamic Manners:

A Excellent Neighbor

For your neighbors, lend a hand
Demonstrate them that you realize
They have rights we ought to secure
Exhibit them kindness and respect
For your neighbors check out to treatment
When they are troubled, assist restore
Lend an ear and pay attention far too
If they are nervous, help them via
For your neighbors give a smile
Shell out time with them for a although
Appear after your neighbor’s requires
And Allah will reward your deeds

Ingesting Routines

Cease your Enjoy, it can be time to take in,
Appear wash your palms and get a seat
Before you begin nevertheless, deliver to thoughts,
The mercy of Allah who is so type.

So commence in the identify of Allah,
By often indicating Bismillah,
Don’t dish out extra than you can take in,
For Muslims should not over eat.

And 1 factor you need to comprehend,
It really is good to consume with your appropriate hand,
Never ever things your mouth with food,
That would surely be most impolite.

Choose your time and chew quite properly,
Select up morsels in scenario it fell,
Eat your food stuff and depart no waste,
There is certainly no will need to eat in haste.

Consume your tea and slip sluggish,
You don’t have to gulp you know,
When you’ve finished thank Allah,

Whatever we do, we are going to spend the price tag
In the depths of hell or in paradise
For the believer, this existence is just like a cage
For the unbeliever, it truly is the top phase
Tiny does he know about the awaiting reward
Which is comprehensive of luxuries, where by no-just one receives bored
You’ll enter the gate of paradise, if it really is in your fate
Your deeds and steps will figure out by which gate

No worldly issues will you at any time miss out on
On coming into the gate, you may be surrounded by bliss
Four rivers will be granted by the Divine
made up of water and milk, honey and wine
People today will are living in mansions built superior
Where they’ll reside eternally, no-one particular will die
It is really bricks will be made of silver and gold

The local weather will be ideal, not incredibly hot and not chilly
A hundred several years it will get to circle a tree
Surrounded by loved types for all eternity
There will be no phone calls of character, no-a single will sleep
There will be no worries, no 1 will weep
When people sweat, it will odor of musk
Allah swt will be praised from dawn till dusk

Every person will be aged 30 or 33
And they are going to stay at that age for eternity
The inhabitants will be putting on a attractive eco-friendly gown
Sitting on thrones, donning a crown
Folks will be delighted, there’ll be no regret
To pay a visit to others, they’re going to have a flying horse

Gentlemen will have 2 several hours as their wives
Who will remain with them for the relaxation of their life
On Friday there will be a dinner for persons of all races
And a bazaar where people today can exchange their faces!
When going for walks together there’ll be many conferences
With prophets and angels, exchanging greetings
These is the ecstasy that will then prevail
When Allah swt eliminates His veil

There will be no kings, there will be no peasants
And all people will see the Divine Allah’s existence
There are 100 levels to paradise and we should pray
That Al Firdaus, the optimum will be in which we keep

Allah swt has showered us with His grace
And we have to be worthy to demonstrate our facial area
What ever we do,we’ll pay out the cost
In the depths of hell or in paradise


If only you realized the torments of hell
It is the worst of places where by any individual could dwell
It is in existence even as we discuss
And for its inhabitants the outlook is bleak
On the day of increasing, hell will be in watch
A terrible sight, if only you knew
It will be introduced ahead by 70,000 reigns
And 70,000 angels will be on just about every of all those chains

After burning for a thousand decades, it is flames turned white
A thousand far more decades, now it’s as black as the night
You assume the flames are bearable, you happen to be fully incorrect
The flames are of hell are sixty 9 periods as powerful
In a flash it will disintegrate all of your bones
The hellfire will be fuelled by person and stones
The thickness of your skin will tremendously maximize
Causing your threshold for pain to enormously decrease

The folks in hell are there to remain
They will soften to nothing at all, 70,000 situations in a day
70 years it will take, for a stone that is thrown
to hit the bottom of hell and it will never be by yourself
the food stuff of hell resembles a devil’s head
and to drink, boiling water and blood brilliant red
which cuts up the bowels, almost everything will drop out
the inhabitants of hell will scream and shout
some will be taken out by Almighty Allah’s command
but the polytheists will remain eternally damned

Get up islam, the only way to thrive
and if you do not, you might be unfortunate indeed
brothers and sisters, assistance establish your destiny
the moment you see hellfire, it will be much also late

The Quran:
The miracle, the Quran

So brothers and sisters, to enhance your iman
Study the wonder, go through the Quran
Here’s a reality for the ones who are keener
92 Surahs disclosed in Mecca, 22 in Medina
Read through it every working day and to browse it be very pleased
The phrase Quran means to browse it aloud

Examine the ebook from the Lord of the worlds
Above 6,000 verses and 77,000 words
Examine with respect, no disturbance, no laughter’s
from Al Fatiha to An Naas, all 114 chapters

And in it 14 times you need to prostrate
And say Allah ho Akbar, which means Allah is fantastic
In this ebook, 25 prophets are talked about by identify
Who came at diverse times but their information was the exact

This wonder was uncovered over a 23 calendar year span
Sent from Allah (swt), to an angel and then to a person
That person was Muhammad (Observed), the ideal of generation
And we are very pleased to be element of his nation
He gave us a information and that was Islam
So browse this miracle, read the Quran