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Hong Kong Student Travel Advice

Hong Kong Student Travel Advice

Hong Kong offers the perfect East-meets-West culture and attracts students from Asia-Pacific regions, Europe and America alike looking for study abroad opportunities.

Hong Kong universities are internationally-recognized and offer some of the top academic programs worldwide. They feature traditional teaching methods as well as modern approaches to learning that focus on both local commitment and global impact. Fly into Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific for a spotless transition. 

Hong Kong Student Travel Advice

It’s a vibrant city

Hong Kong is an exhilarating city brimming with vibrant culture that attracts students from around the globe. Boasting both Chinese and British influences with an independent political system that makes for a unique setting, this commercial center stands as one of the top 10 worldwide commercial hubs.

With its rich history, bustling nightlife, and world-class shopping opportunities, it’s clear why so many people love this city. Thanks to its excellent transportation network and beautiful landscapes, it makes traveling here accessible on any budget.

Students interested in cultural exchange or study abroad programs will find Hong Kong an ideal location. Cross-border schooling opportunities abound here and it is one of the few Asian cities where one can learn Cantonese, its local dialect.

Hong Kong’s proximity to mainland China has made it a convenient cross-border travel hub, popular with both Chinese and international students alike. Before departing home, be sure to consult the Hong Kong Immigration Department about any travel restrictions or health warnings that might apply before making plans to come here.

While on your student trip to Hong Kong, there are a number of cultural and historical landmarks worth seeing. These include Kowloon Peninsula’s historic streets and temples as well as Victoria Harbour with its bustling water activities. Don’t forget to also experience Hong Kong’s cultural offerings such as museums, theaters, galleries etc.

An integral component of any visit will be taking in the sights and sounds of Hong Kong, such as Victoria Harbour’s Symphony of Lights at night – an iconic symbol of Hong Kong that’s must-see!

If you want to witness some of the beautiful scenery that this city has to offer, ride up Victoria Peak on a vintage tram and experience a magnificent panorama of both city and mountains. There are other activities you can enjoy here such as visiting Victoria Harbour and Ave of Stars; while foodies will find plenty of choices here.

It’s affordable

Students seeking an affordable study abroad experience may find Hong Kong an ideal location. Home to numerous cultural and educational offerings, its vibrant landscape makes Hong Kong a favorite among students from around the globe.

Although Hong Kong is more costly than mainland China, it remains relatively affordable for residents. You should expect to spend slightly more than in Western Europe for essentials; however, exploring local markets can save money when purchasing food or accommodation.

To keep costs under control and save money on housing, consider opting for university-owned accommodation instead of renting off-campus apartments. University accommodation tends to be cleaner and more convenient while often coming at a more reasonable cost.

Take advantage of the city’s incredible public transit system and save even more by getting around for less money than would otherwise be necessary in most cities. Its efficiency will amaze you!

However, you should still purchase travel insurance before going to Hong Kong. While not necessary, having this protection can protect against unexpected expenses that might arise during your visit.

One effective way of cutting costs when travelling as a student is living in a hostel. While this might initially seem risky, hostels in Hong Kong offer prime locations and an array of amenities including complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi access – making living in one an invaluable money saver!

Finding a hostel to suit your budget requires doing your research carefully – compare prices and read reviews before making your choice. Make sure it offers good facilities like service and amenities while being secure for maximum enjoyment during your travels.

Check Inn HK on Hong Kong Island offers affordable rooms starting from 259 Hong Kong Dollars per night with private rooms at only 540 HKD – making this an excellent value. Conveniently located close to Wan Chai Station with plenty of social space available and complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity, Check Inn HK also features great beds starting at 259 HKD per night and offers beds from 259HKD per bed per night!

It’s easy to get around

Hong Kong student travel is made effortless thanks to one of the world’s premier public transport systems – busses, minibuses, trains and ferries are all options available to travellers in getting around town. An Octopus card allows users to tap as they hop on and off buses, MTR trains and ferries for convenient transport options.

Buses are an affordable way of travelling between city centers. Air-conditioned models of both double-decker and coach buses feature destination indicators in English and Chinese on their front top panels; many even provide convenient drop-off points along their routes. Buses provide convenient transport solutions; just be sure to research their route beforehand in order to avoid missing stops or purchasing incorrect tickets.

Prepaid Octopus cards can also be helpful for purchasing tickets on both buses and MTR trains; however, one fare will only cover one ticket on either service. MTR, an elegant subway network which runs beneath Hong Kong’s steep roofs, boasts 150 stations while buses and minibuses primarily follow specific routes.

Rail transportation can be more costly than buses or minibuses, but it is faster and more comfortable. The West Rail connects East Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon with Tuen Mun in New Territories in 30 minutes – perfect for visiting Hong Kong Wetland Park which features wetlands and waterfalls as well as Star Ferry Terminal’s quick ferry rides across Victoria Harbour!

Trams are another popular mode of transportation in Hong Kong, making them an excellent way to experience its historic districts. These double-decker trams travel mainly along 16km (10 miles) of straight lines on Hong Kong Island – perfect for experiencing all that the city offers as they chug past Kennedy Town, Western District, Central District, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay!

Taxis offer an economical and hassle-free method of traveling around Hong Kong, making them a perfect way to transport large groups or families on day trips. Their retro-style Toyota cars are spacious yet comfy; drivers tend to be friendly, while red FOR HIRE flags on their windshields and lighted TAXI signs on the roof indicate you can hail them directly from the street.