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Fly Fishing Idaho – Lesser Acknowledged River the Falls River

Fly Fishing Idaho – Lesser Acknowledged River the Falls River

Idaho has often been a Mecca for fly fishing. There are so numerous good rivers that a single definitely cant go erroneous when picking a position to fish. Idaho offers fantastic trout fishing in these rivers as the South Fork Snake River, Henry Fork of the Snake River, and the Boise River to name a several. It is also a terrific location to catch the journeying Steelhead that frequent the Clearwater and Salmon Rivers. But what about the lesser regarded rivers? This series explores five of our beloved Idaho rivers that provide a excellent fly fishing encounter for any angler. Chances are nonetheless, you will typically likely be the only angler on them.

The Falls River

The River

The Falls River commences its journey in the Southwest corner of Yellowstone Countrywide Park north of Beula Lake. It gains some momentum as smaller creeks dump into it, but genuinely adds some movement when it satisfies the Bechler River right prior to it exits the Park. The Falls River then travels south out of the park exactly where it waterfalls down an elevation fall forming the usually visited Cave Falls. At this stage it crosses from Wyoming to Idaho where one more even more additional amazing waterfall exists called Sheep Falls. Falls River then passes through some quite rugged region right before flowing by means of the popular Idaho potato farms east of Ashton in which it ultimately dumps into the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River just west of Freeway 20 over the Chester Dam.


Dependent on wherever you fish together the Falls River, obtaining there can be a chore. I have fished just over the bridge along Highway 20 and experienced some luck, but the greatest extend of the Falls River in my belief is just east of Ashton, Idaho. To get there, get Highway 47 out of Ashton and as it heads north, go east on Marysville Road. A few miles east of the turn one may perhaps convert ideal on 4500E and entry the Falls River off the bridge (which is great fishing, but a lot of know that), but for full solitude (and excellent fly fishing) continue on on Marysville Road. It at some point turns to a dust highway named Cave Falls Street (FR 582). You finally see the landscape substantially transformed to really thick, rugged forest. Immediately after lots of miles, you will notice a street (FR124) that turns suitable. Get this road. If you get to the Bechler River Ranger Station flip off or entered Wyoming, you have absent to significantly. FR 124 starts out good, but to reach the Falls River you have to traverse some fairly crappy roads. Once there, you can fish up or down the river. Down river is Sheep Falls which can be exceptional fly fishing. Nonetheless, it is not for the faint of heart. The mountaineering is pretty rough and your buddies in the river could conveniently be Moose (Significant Ones) or Grizzly Bear. I would certainly advocate using the bear essentials (the bells, spray, and so forth) or just a buddy that runs slower than you. My couple of visits there only lent me to see Moose, but if you discuss to the park rangers at Bechler, they will inform you to be watchful for the reason that the Grizzlies to reside seriously shut to this location


This is a distinctive river in that the farther upstream you go, the much better the fishing is. The extensive hikes and off-trail accessibility lower fishing pressure, in particular around the Sheep Falls area. A lot of the Drop River drainage was devoid of trout higher than Cave Falls. It is believed that Sheep Falls and Cave Falls had been the historic upstream limitations for trout. Most of the luck I have had fly fishing the Falls River has been sub floor with such flies as: Prince Nymphs, Hares Ears, Pheasant Tails, and Stone Fly Nymphs. The initial significant aquatic insect to arise is the pale morning dun. Commencing in July you may see stoneflies, and Brown and Eco-friendly Drakes. I have also thrown leeches, streamers, and woolly buggers with some good results as very well. Just down below Sheep Falls you get some wonderful deep runs with even bigger trout. The average measurement trout in these waters is about 12 – 14 inches extensive, but several areas alongside the Falls River it is not unheard of to land trout north of 20 inches. Also, fishing the Falls River near Highway 20 will develop some awesome Browns as nicely.

If you are heading to Idaho and want to get away from the crowds then the Falls River could be your ticket. The wildlife and serenity are great. It is a backpacking, fly fisherman, and photographer’s nirvana.