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Entry Visa Services to Egypt

Entry Visa Services to Egypt

Tourism is a major aspect of Egypt’s overall economy and for this motive, it is rather straightforward to get a visa into the state. Egypt visas are simply processed in the country’s intercontinental airports, at the important ports and in all other entry factors into the region. The processing of visas at these entry points is accomplished by the country’s immigration section referred to as the Vacation Documents, Immigration and Nationality Administration (TDINA). You can also get the country’s visa from all Egypt consular missions abroad. Journey agents and visa services companies in several countries may also facilitate the method of obtaining the Egypt visa from the Egypt consulates.

Types of Egypt Visas

There are three sorts of visas that are obtainable to site visitors trying to get entry to the region. These visa solutions are explained underneath

· Entry – Entry visa is a typical variety visa that is supplied to all visitors into the nation apart from vacationer and individuals transiting as a result of the county. Readers who request entry into Egypt for function alternatives, instructional reasons, wellbeing reasons, for organization or individuals looking for home in Egypt will demand this entry visa. The period of the visa is dependent on the purpose that the visa is remaining type.

· Tourist – This is the most typical visa acquired by Egypt guests as Egypt is a major tourist location. The vacationer visa is ordinarily valid for a period of time of 3 months. Dependent on the visa ask for, the visa may possibly let for a one entry into the region or for several entries. If a single wishes to extend their keep in Egypt, they can use for such an extension from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

· Transit – The transit visa is specified to site visitors who are only in Egypt for connecting to a even further locations. Many flights make connections by using Egypt and this could necessitate this transit visa. Even so, citizens from most international locations will not require the transit visa when earning a link through Egypt.


To get an Egypt visa, you will demand a valid passport that should really have at the very least 6 months to expiry. Based on the nationality of the individual searching for the visa, you may either be permitted to get your visa on arrival in Egypt or you may possibly be required to attain it prior to your arrival in Egypt.

The pursuing citizens might get their visa at the airport on arrival to Egypt

· Europe – Citizens of Western Europe

· Asia – Citizens of South Korea, North Korea, Maldives, Republic of China, Japan, Nepal, Singapore and Brunei.

· Australia –Citizens of Australia and New Zealand

· North The us – Citizens of United states and Canada

· South America – Citizens of all South American States

· Center East –Citizens from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Yemen, Syria, Geboti, Qatar, and Oman.

· Africa – Citizens from Libya

All other citizens from other international locations will call for to get a visa from Egypt diplomatic missions abroad prior to their arrival in Egypt.