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E book Review of “American Muslims, The New Era”

E book Review of “American Muslims, The New Era”

About the creator:

As she has outlined in the preface of her e book she is an American Muslim from immigrant Pakistani mothers and fathers who has born in Chicago. She has built up a title for herself “I am s self proclaimed Muslim feminist cowgirl….my spirit is a blend of American individualism, the American west, the Islam that I grew up with and apply, my family code of ethics and the Feminism I imagine in.” She has printed one more guide “Why I am Muslim”.

She was a 25 several years old university student studying regulation at New York when this e-book published in 2000. She has published editorials for the Denver Write-up, fiction for the Susquehanna Review. It would seem she has mingled some of Islamic rules with the circumstances of residing in The us to generate a mild-minded feminist Muslim. From the evidences she provides in her book, she in all probability states her five day-to-day prayers and rapidly throughout Ramezan and allows charity but thinks just modest apparel is plenty of to save Hijab, or in judgment day she would not be responsible for not obeying a finish Halal eating plan.

She thinks that American Islam as it grows and evolves will supply a design to Islam in the relaxation of the worlds: a purer Islam. “I feel American Islam is a purer kind of Islam than is practiced in some Islamic nations.”
About the e-book

Hasan printed her ebook right before 9/11. Following this party in an job interview in Countrywide radio, she said that some of conservative Muslims have explained her, “You can not be a Muslim and consider that!” and she answered, “Sure, I can!” In the job interview, she did not mention what was her meaning of “that”, so a look on her e book would get an strategy what “that” meant.

This e book is created in 10 chapters, every covers a distinct problem. Frequently talking, it is about the sects of Islam, Hijab, principals of Islam, army in Islam, media and Islam, feminism, reform, growing up in The usa, and politics.
This book is neither autobiography, despite the fact that in narrating the problem of Muslims her experiences are conspicuous, nor is it a historic clarification about improvement of Islam, though it contains some track record from some troubles to get a thoroughly stranger American audience far more acquainted with Islam. In this regard, her ordeals illustrate how it is like to be youthful Muslim and are living in The us. For instance, when she prefers to say the waiter in a restaurant that she has allergy to pork, fairly than say she keeps spiritual eating plan, she implies that even at present it is someway odd for an American to experience unheard of challenges, which he would look at as unnatural.

She attempts to appropriate some misconceptions in American minds. She tries to make People believe that what a person Muslim does cannot be produced to all of Muslims. If a Muslim does terroristic actions it does not mean that all of them have belligerent ideology. She tries to notify that the image of oppressed Muslim ladies in the minds of the American is not right, in proving her declare she exemplifies herself as a woman Muslim student with feministic ideas who is living freely.

In correcting People in america intellect, often she tends to make an effort and hard work to optimist their perspective and adjust what they had currently considered. She states that Jihad does indicate a wrestle and typically “inner struggle to fortify one’s belief against corrupting and anti-Islamic forces” (p.49) In accordance to her, this meaning is demonstrated in Quran and life of Prophet of Islam, so it is not a holy war in opposition to all Individuals. It is clear that she herself struggles to soften Islamic ideas to introduce them pretty gentle.

She delivers one more issue to get a frequent perception among Individuals and Islamic ideas and emphasizes similarities among these two. She claims “Islam was launched on the identical concepts and tips the United States was.” In her want to combine with a typical faith she says that as “western culture and Judeo-Christian ethic are defined by a perception in just one God, also the main perception of Islam” it is superior to contemplate” Judeo-Christian-Islamic”
She describes the variance of currently being Muslim and dwelling in America in distinction to other nations in this way “American Muslims never have the cultural guidance program most Muslims all around the world have. Each Islamic nation has its very own set of Quranic interpretations, even a team of lecturers that established individuals interpretations, known as the ulema. Listed here in the Unites States, Muslims are typically flying blind, even though we do have a national Fiqh Council, designed by and consisting of some American Muslim leaders… However, we want to create our possess assist techniques to do with our new strategies to the Quran.” (P. 132)

With regards to politics, she thinks that a important involvement in American politics is electing Muslim congressional consultant. And the rationale why Muslims do not consider element eagerly in politics in her see is “for the reason that they are disturbed by too much to handle U.S. coverage towards Muslims, specially the implicit lack of aid for Palestinians.” (P.152) Then she carries on with the routines of Muslim establishments like AMA, MPAC and AMC not to leave a disappointing photo in this part.

Criticism and analysis

In accordance to Hasan”… this ebook is about other Muslims like me, who are living as American and Muslim and figuring out their spirit and identity as we go along.” Her claim that her e book is about virtually six million other Muslims who stay in America and all are like her is suspected. I think as there are so many interpretations, ideologies and existence associated to Islam in the United States, it is a significant undertaking to consider that all of them believe like her or even are living in the conditions like hers, for the reason that dealing with with minorities is distinct in various components of The usa.

What I can say at to start with is that I believe that the title of this reserve, “American Muslims”, is not acceptable at all. Hasan is a younger Lady who narrates her own perception of Islam and so she is not permitted, to my see, to create what she thinks to all Muslims who stay in America.

The second point I recognized is that as young and unexercised as she is, she are not able to photograph a suitable and multi dimension viewpoint of Islam. Her history reveals that she has no prophecy in researching Islam to choose if what American Muslims do is in accordance to Islam or not, while it is clear that she has experienced a look at Quran at minimum. For case in point, she believes that Hijab (head masking) in accordance to holy Quran and prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) is not required for ladies apart from in praying time. In her view, it suffices for females just to costume modestly.

The other weak position I recognized was that her statements are quite general, I signify with out specifying the this means of her terminology (like “modestly” in females attire or “feminism” in her concept) and on the other hand, she statements a little something without having providing evidence and reference for that. When she narrates some sentence from Quran, she does not specify where by she has examine it. For instance, she mentions, “In truth, Islam is actually meant to be practiced and interpreted by every single unique and not handed down by a Pope-like determine. It suggests so in the Quran.”


So I assume what she has penned in her ebook is just her stage of watch about Islam and simply cannot be relied on. It is incredibly private, a fully own narrative. Even from the deal with picture that is the picture of the author it can be guessed how own it could be! Therefore, though it is intriguing to know how a young Muslim lady thinks in the times just before 9/11, looking through this e book for a different Muslim who presently is aware about Islam and at the exact same time may be in disagreement with the writer may well be monotonous.