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Chalcedony – A Swish Stone for Spring Jewelry!

Chalcedony – A Swish Stone for Spring Jewelry!

Chalcedony is an excellent gemstone to use for swish spring jewellery. Its sensitive, silky light-blue color reminds of early early morning mountain sky. If you layout handcrafts, test making matching chalcedony earrings and a bracelet. Use smaller beads with subtle silver spacers for design. Market them in a white or light-blue box.


Chalcedony is perfect for the girl you really like or to use on wedding jewelry. Some individuals even use chalcedony marriage ceremony rings. Established in white gold or silver, it produces just the proper seem.

What is chalcedony?

Its identify is reported to appear from an ancient Greek city named Chalkedon, now in Turkey. It is a high-quality-grained assortment of quartz with a waxy luster and microscopic compressed crystals. Due to the fact of this structure, chalcedony is commonly semi-opaque – which produces a gentle glow as the mild diffuses by means of the stone, suitable for graceful jewellery.

The Romans made seals from chalcedony, and the stone has been carved into ornaments for hundreds of yrs. And in the previous its heavenly blue color clarifies why it experienced been termed Mecca stone and St Stephen’s stone.


Chalcedony arrives in each coloration, but for jewelry it’s typically light-weight milky blue with a hint of pink. Being porous, it’s been dyed blue and pale minty-eco-friendly for centuries – and currently from time to time its colour improved to emerald green and even tangerine and peachy pink.


Chalcedony is formed in volcanic rock cavities where silica-wealthy h2o flows via. Traces of iron oxide in the water generate the pinkish and in some cases pink shade.

The gemstone can be witnessed in the Arizona Desert, wherever petrified trees have fashioned from chalcedony replacing the historical forest. Native Americas there identified as the stone sacred as they believed it introduced balance to the tribe.


Chalcedony is a feminine stone, entire of yin power. Claimed to harmony the thoughts, convey stamina, and promote kindness and charity. It is also thought to be great for like as it lowers anger, depression and melancholy. The gemstone also absorbs negative energy and promotes a feeling of enthusiasm. It is also thought to lower blood tension with its anti-inflammatory qualities and recover the lungs, so remaining superior for smokers.

Decades back sailors wore it as a talisman, and it is the birthstone for individuals born underneath the star sign of Sagittarius.

Historical past

Due to the fact there is so a lot chalcedony in quite a few countries, it has been carved into arrowheads, applications, knives, cups and bowls for tens-of-hundreds of several years.


The best chalcedony is mined in Chalcedony are from India and Madagascar, but it can also be observed natural all around the US, plus in Burma, Brazil and Mexico.