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Bangkok’s Best Hostels (ONLY the Top 5) • Indie Traveller

Bangkok’s Best Hostels (ONLY the Top 5) • Indie Traveller

Where you select to keep in Bangkok will be a single of the most important selections for your Thailand journey!

The very first time I went to Thailand I stayed in an terrible hostel. My journey was off to a lousy start, I didn’t satisfy any other vacationers and felt pretty shitty till I lastly received to Chiang Mai.

But I have also had some of my most memorable vacation times in Bangkok many thanks to some astounding hostels I stayed considering that.

If you are heading backpacking in Thailand then your hostel in Bangkok will be a massive variable in how you will kick off your adventure.

Why book now? You can try to wing it as a backpacker in Thailand, but the greatest hostels do fill up. With Hostelworld you can reserve a place without cancellation expenses, so it’s worthy of it even if your ideas are continue to adaptable.

I’ll be sincere, not every person loves Bangkok at initially sight, as it definitely can be noisy, smelly, and chaotic. But which is considerably much less of an challenge when your hostel is like a satisfied oasis, permitting you capture a break involving all the sightseeing. Luckily for us, Bangkok has some of the world’s best (and very best value!) backpacker hostels.

While lodges in Bangkok can give you far more comfort and ease, you simply cannot defeat hostels for their price or fun atmosphere.

The next 5 hostels in Bangkok are types I advise, no matter if you are a backpacker, solo traveler, or nomad.

Suneta Hostel Khaosan