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30 Funny Spanish Slang Words

30 Funny Spanish Slang Words

Discovering a foreign language that you are fascinated in may well be simple to you.

Nevertheless, what appears complicated to capture is the meaning of slang phrases in a language that is not your mother tongue.

In addition, at times it is tough to locate a reliable supply that describes the meaning of these peculiar expressions.

30 Funny Spanish Slang Words

Bearing this in mind, our post is aimed to provide 30 Humorous Spanish Slang Words and their comprehensive definition.

Hoping this will help you realize when you can use these 30 Humorous Spanish Slang Text and what they refer to.

1. Tabarra

Some amusing Spanish slang phrases like tabarra are made use of by locals to explain disagreeable circumstances.

This amusing Spanish slang term is linked to the expression tábano, which is a massive and aggravating fly that bites horses.

As you might now recognize, dar la tabarra is composed of remaining hugely disruptive.

2. Piltrafilla

Piltrafilla will not in all probability appear in Spanish enjoy rates.

However, it is in some cases applied in a loving way to refer to naughty young children.

This expression was popularized all close to most beautiful locations in Spain many thanks to a tuna business.

Amusing Spanish words like piltrafilla or desastrillo refer to messy people today.

3. Fistro

Fistro is an outdated colloquial expression to refer to an individual in a derogatory fashion. 

The Spanish comedian Chiquito de la Calzada popularized some Spanish slang phrases like Fistro or ¡Hasta luego, Lucas! twenty a long time in the past, however, they are continue to in use.

4. Baboso

Baboso is one particular of the funniest soiled Spanish phrases since it suggests ‘slimy’.

Even though it can be used to explain an individual with lots of salivae, figuratively it refers to boys that do not cease chasing women they like.

5. Chungo

Our list of 30 Amusing Spanish slang phrases must definitely consist of Chungo.

Whilst chungo is type of updated, it is even now just one of the most preferred humorous sayings in Spanish to refer to an individual that may well be dangerous or intense.

6. Kinki

A unique expression to suggest chungo is kinki.

This humorous Spanish slang phrase was pretty well-liked in the 80’s but these days it is less typical.

As takes place with chungo, kinki may show up in Spanish rates about friendship to joke about how messy your friends glance.

However, it is employed to title people belonging to a marginalized social team.

7. Postureo

A present day expression that may possibly look in some motivational rates in Spanish is postureo.

Demonstrating how neat your everyday living is on social media can be explained as postureo, which is very cutie in Spanish slang. 

If you want a official definition of this latest word, you should really know that according to the Spanish Language Academy (RAE) it usually means ‘artificial and untrue frame of mind adopted for ease or presumption’.

8. Caña (de cerveza)

Spanish travel quotes are all those that you need to know in order to endure in Spain.

That is why you certainly must know what a caña fría is, specially in summer time.

A caña is a glass of beer and ¡Caña aquí! Can be just one of the finest Instagram captions in Spanish to use when submitting shots of your evenings out with good friends.

9. Capullo

Capullo is a common Spanish word that refers to bouquets that have not been opened yet.

Nevertheless, it is also a single of the most typical and amusing Spanish insults.

It is commonly advised to pals in an informal context when joking together.

Even so, you ought to bear in head that it may be pretty offensive when indicating it to an individual you do not have a strong romantic relationship with. 

10. Cacho

When contemplating about some humorous factors to say in Spanish, the term cacho generally comes to locals’ minds.

It is specifically utilised in Andalucía and its significance is ‘a piece of something’.

Nonetheless, if you listen to the idiom pillar cacho you should really know that its meaning is ‘to efficiently flirt with someone’. 

11. Petardo

Spanish travel offers about Valencia will in all probability consist of the terms paella or petardo.

The authentic this means of petardo is firecracker. 

Nonetheless, like most humorous words in Spanish, it has a unique which means when utilizing it in an casual context.

Petardo may well look in some amazing Spanish estimates referring to bothersome people today.

12. Sabes?

If you need to have to say ‘you know’ in Spanish slang, you need to just say Sabes?

This expression became extremely well-known when Belén Esteban, who was married to the well-known bullfighter Jesulín de Ubrique, overuse it in her interviews on Television.

13. Arreando que es gerundio

Amusing Spanish phrases that involve the phrase ‘hurry’ in Spanish slang are very helpful if you require an individual to act immediately but you don’t want to force them.

Humorous Spanish sayings that could be proper in these kinds of conditions are Arreando que es gerundio or day brío.

Whilst its literal translation does not make any sense in English, these enjoyment words and phrases to say in Spanish are meant to encourage proactive actions toward a distinct activity.

14. Friqui

Friqui or Friki is one of the funny Spanish names utilised to suggest ‘weirdo’.

If you specify what a person is friqui of, the significance of the phrase is a little bit distinct.

In point, it has to be recognized as ‘fanatic’ or ‘addicted’ to one thing.

For illustration, friqui de los videojuegos or friqui del anime.

15. Quilla

Though Quilla won’t in all probability surface in Spanish offers for mum, it is almost certainly 1 of the most common words to say ‘woman’ in Spanish slang.

Quilla might be considered the most common amusing Spanish phrase of the day in Andalucía, and it is the abbreviation of the word chiquilla.

Chiquilla will show up in funny Spanish sentences to refer to girls or chicks.

16. Pijo

This record of 30 humorous Spanish slang words should unquestionably incorporate the expression pijo.

A pijo is someone rich, whose way to gown and talk is often the concentrate on of humorous Spanish quotations aimed to ridiculize them.

In Spain, there is a traditional rivality concerning pijos and macarras mainly because of their opposite life and social backgrounds.

17. Lapa

Although lapa is not a phrase that will surface in intimate Spanish appreciate quotations, it refers to the sort of lover that does not give you any private place.

In point, a lapa is a marine snail that receives strongly sticks to rocks.

The amusing Spanish joke about this word is that both of those sorts of lapas stay pretty near to the detail that holds it.

Interesting Spanish slang words and phrases like these are quite frequent between adolescents, who won’t be reluctant to convey to you when your boyfriend or girlfriend is staying a pain in the ass.

18. Pasmarote

Despite the fact that pasmarote is a peculiar what to say lazy in Spanish slang, it is quite typical to hear it mentioned by middle-aged persons.

It is ideal to describe boring or self-absorbed individuals that feel to be totally out.

19. Pirrar

When a little something is great in Spanish slang and you want to permit folks know that you adore it, you can just say Me pirra, which implies ‘It drives me crazy’.

It can be made use of to refer to just about anything you can assume of which include meals, folks, routines, destinations, and so on.

20. Qué pasa Neng?

What’s up in Spanish slang could be mentioned in really assorted strategies.

However, a person of the most listened to 20 many years ago was ‘Qué pasa Neng?’

This could be stated as a consequence of the reality that what is Spain Recognised For is the Television clearly show Buenafuente in which el Neng de Castefa popularized the expression ‘Qué pasa Neng?’.

21. Rebote

If you toss absent a ball, you see that it bounces again. This is specifically a rebote.
When this expression seems in Spanish prices about daily life, it refers to your response when another person annoys you.
As you might recognize, there is a similarity among the habits of the ball and individuals who react to some thing they don’t like.

22. Canijo

Passionate Spanish phrases may perhaps incorporate sweet expressions like canijo made use of lovingly.

However, it can also be a humorous Spanish insult simply because its literal which means is ‘someone weak or short’.

23. Picha

Most good offers in Spanish you will hear in Andalucia will include the term picha.

When another person employs it to refer to one more 1, you can infer that these two men and women have a terrific connection.

The that means of this expression is ‘friend’ or ‘buddy’.

24. Hortera

Hortera is one of the 30 Funny Spanish Slang Phrases that may well be applied to describe somebody that is fairly extravagant.

The equal expression in English is ‘kitsch’. As you could know, this adjective refers to pretentious, out-of-date, and tacky aesthetics.

25. Buenorro

Some humorous Spanish words of the day are very useful to explain individuals physically.

If you are wanting for terms in motion pictures set in Spain to describe somebody beautiful you can resort to buenorro.

Buenorro is ‘handsome’ in Spanish slang and while it is very colloquial, it will make your boyfriend blush for certain!

26. Malqueda

The expression malqueda describes somebody that does not treatment about getting wonderful to other people.

In point, the literal translation of this expression is ‘to mirror badly on someone’.

Malqueda is the colloquial and shorter version of the Spanish stating quedar mal.

27. Piripi

Piripi is a pretty widespread term in youth slang.

There are additional possibilities to hear it in a festive context as the meaning of piripi is ‘tipsy’.

When going out you really should be extremely thorough because passing from piripi to much too drunk is incredibly straightforward!

28. Guiri

Guiri is a phrase that is in each and every Spaniard’s mouth in summer.

Whilst it may possibly sometimes be utilised in a derogatory method, specifically in locations exactly where travelers behave in a wild way, it is also an casual expression to refer to foreign site visitors.

29. Mogollón

Mogollón is 1 of the humorous Spanish slang words to suggest ‘a lot’.

If you are viewing Madrid, you must know that locals from this area say mazo as an alternative of mogollón.

However, these two expressions are equivalent.

Mogollón or mazo could in shape some of the most Romantic Spanish adore quotes since you can specific how much you like another person by saying Te quiero mogollón or Me gustas mazo.

30. Botellón

Though it is not permitted to apply the botellón in Spain, the truth is quite various.

A botellón is an open-air assembly in which persons consume some cocktails ready by on their own. 

What describes these kinds of practices is that alcoholic drinks in Spain may be very expensive, but you should really recall that a police good will be worse!

I hope you have savored this write-up about these frequently used 30 funny Spanish slang text.

Although it might seem to be tough to remind all of them now, you can usually revisit this post if you need to have to refresh what we just figured out.

Do not neglect that apply tends to make great, so use them in your each day discussions as significantly as you can!

It’s the only way to strengthen the richness of your vocabulary!