Andthere is still a pressing need for action....

Fixing Y2K issues was drudgery for programmers. The program code for time and date was typically old, not written or documented to then-current programming standards and NOT written by the person called upon to fix it.

In the business sector justas in the government sector, there are still gaping holes.

GPS runs on Ephemeris Time. This is essentially a counter that just runs forever - just like time itself. However, earth-time has occasional leap seconds inserted. Since Ephemeris Time never changes they built in a counter for the number of weeks between the Leap Seconds. Unfortunately they did not foresee that there would be a period of about 4 years or so between Leap Seconds at one point and the week-counters overflowed. The error of position/location introduced by a second is significant.

A couple of things are important to remember:

Looks are like books to me - the cover may or may not be appealing to the eye initially, reading the book will tell you how beautiful the person is from the inside out.

Thoseunwilling or unable to move off the track are numerous.

One of my siblings was a C_O at a large New York investment firm and was in charge of a $20+ billion bond house. Our family was together that weekend and the s__t really hit the fan on Saturday Jan 1. Interest was not being dealt with properly and the dollar amounts were significant. Stress levels were high until Sunday when the fix was made and the database(s) corrected.
Interestingly, I was asked to refrain from discussing the event even in sanitized form. A promise I kept for just over 6 years.

Local and municipal governments.

We learned that problems caused by Y2K bugs can be quite subtle. We fixed most and let one ride without disclosure betting that the failure in about 2016 would be well past the date any of the devices would still be in-service AND that said failure at that time would be merely inconvenient.

Critical infrastructureplayers.

Abhorrence aside, and for what my apology means for victims and survivors, I don't ask for forgiveness but for all to move on and not to carry the heartache, that is something I will endure for the rest of my life.

Lawyers are circling, and that is not a good sign.

Why has the GWOT received as much or more attention than the Soviets during the cold war?
The Soviets had (have?) 1000+ armed missiles with the range to reach America.
Saddam had missiles that could reach Israel.
OBL has what?

Failure is not part ofthe American fiber.

The title of this entry and the text are at odds. Do you want us to answer
real, imagined or invented?
the hysteria that surrounded Y2K was a false prophesy?
Y2K was real and there was also both hysteria and false prophecy.

Everyone understoodits hard deadline.

It wouldn't surprise me though if there was some malice, however. IT people would never recommend a company switch to Macs. If the computers work, the IT people don't.