I was actually a fan of the first X-Men movie, ..

It’s easy to forget that X-Men came out only in 2000 and that there used to be a time when cinemas weren’t rammed with overgrown-boys action fare each summer.

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Finally, the action bears mention. It's a decidedly mixed bag, thanks in no mall part to some uninspired special effects and drab cinematography. Again, the opening sequences are impressive. But then, perhaps to try to accommodate for the lousy writing, they simply ratchet things up, throw a few more mutants into the mix, and blow some shit up. The finale is so breathtakingly awful, I wanted to start shooting at the screen. It combined the very worst examples of how to write a movie ending. Don't resort to cheap plot twists. Don't resort to explosions. Don't kill off important characters. The plot twists are actually somewhat surprising -- not because they kept the big reveals hidden so well, or because the writing was so clever, but because they're so goddamn, shitballs stupid that they are unnecessary. You're not surprised because it's so shocking, you're surprised at the depths of the writer's rampant idiocy and their willingness -- nay, their -- to resorting to cheap ideas in the hopes of maintaining audience interest. Yes, when Wolverine jumps on the helicopter, it's kind of cool. Unfortunately, the sequence that leads up to that feels rushed, poorly designed and thought up by howler monkeys on acid. The final battle is even worse. For those who don't want to know, or haven't read any of the online spoilers, skip to the next paragraph. For the rest... here goes: Stryker somehow steals a bunch of powers of other mutants, and gives them to Deadpool. He now has claws, and a healing factor, and can shoot optic blasts like Cyclops. It's a lame tactic that gives us nothing less than a weak, unimpressive climax. The finale is a mess, a slapped-together affair that does little right -- the set design is boring, the fight scene is plodding, and Deadpool just looks flat-out ridiculous. If you make it past that and sit through the credits, you're treated to a brief final scene that... well, adds absolutely nothing to the film. So at least there's that.

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