made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II.

Scenes of women working in defense jobs during World War II. The footage is accompanied by a broadcast by entertainer Kate Smith on the Office of War Information radio program Victory Parade.

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The first women to serve in the U.S. Navy were nurses, beginning with the “Sacred Twenty” appointed after Congress established the Navy Nurse Corps on 13 May 1908. The first large-scale enlistment of women into the Navy met clerical shortages during World War I, and the second came months before the United States entered World War II. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Public Law 689 creating the Navy’s women reserve program on 30 July 1942, which paved the way for officer and enlisted women to enter the Navy. Today, women serve in every rank from seaman to admiral and in every job from naval aviator to deep-sea diver.

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His name was Robert Haddock and he was a pilot in both World War I and World War II.

With the help of World War II, women were now looked at as something more powerful. They were looked at with integrity as well as being able to perform the same tasks men did. With the help of World War II, it provided a way for women to do what they wanted, as well as gain a new insight on life. World War II helped women realize that they can be independent and do not always have to rely on a man.

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During World War II, a flurry of coded messages were sent by the Axis powers. Data on troop movements, supplies, ship locations... all transmitted via code. But these messages didn't necessarily stay coded for long. The Allies were able to intercept, decode, and learn the vital wartime secrets contained within many of these transmissions. These codebreaking efforts in ending the war. And the people who actually did a lot of this work were women - over ten thousand of them. Liza Mundy is the author of , and she tells us about this little-known part of American history.

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Certainly during the war the women obligingly did their "duty" -- they wrote to their husbands, brothers, and friends; they attended USO dances and talked to lonely soldiers.

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World War II transformed the United States from into a leading military power with forces positioned in many countries. During this time is when the world started to see women being able to partake in jobs that men had. Some of these jobs included, the Army and Navy Nurse Corps, Women’s Army Corps, Army Air Forces, the Navy’s Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, and in the Coast Guard. Women were starting to make a great contribution to the war effort.

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The women who entered the world of military airlift were following in the footsteps of another generation, the women pilots of the Womens Auxiliary Ferrying Service and the Womens Airforce Service Pilots of World War II.