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These new and independent women of the house also had to stand up for themselves when confronted by both American and British armies. When militias appealed to the public for uniforms and food, garments and farm crops came from patriotic women. And when British armies and soldiers appeared at homes being occupied by women, they did not always find a friendly face.

Who were the Sons of Liberty, and what roles did they play in igniting and organizing a revolution?

In my view, it is hard to locate any weakness from the article considering the number of evidence provided to support the argument, which makes it quite credible. However, one of the weaknesses of the article in my view is the over emphasis on the political limitations of women as well as their social confinement where they were required to remain at home and take care of household activities. Additionally, the article depicts men as very mean and unappreciative to the women. Although the women were confined to the domestic roles, it was not the fault of the men alone. Rather, it was the fault of the society as a whole considering women had accepted this fate from time in memorial.

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Martin, Wendy. “Women and the American Revolution” Early American Literature 11

They came together from very disparate regions and societies because they found common ground in their grievances, their concerns about tyranny, and their notions of self-determination. They were defiant protestors but reluctant revolutionaries. In the beginning, the Americans sought reconciliation with their sovereign along with recognition of their rights.

Once the concepts of liberty and self-representation were lodged in the hearts and minds of the Patriots, the only remaining course of action was Parliamentary compromise or war. Long before the Revolution was ever waged on the battlefields at Lexington, Saratoga, or Yorktown, it was decided in the mansions of the Virginia gentry, the pulpits of the churches, the town halls of New England and the backcountry of Tennessee.

For the first time, the masses seemed to have absorbed and were acting upon their conceptualization of liberty and its meaning. Their actions—and preexisting local feuds—often profoundly influenced the response of colonial elites from the Hudson River Valley to the plantations of the Chesapeake. Dense, sophisticated 17th and 18th-century political philosophies of the Enlightenment were now articulated in simple, easy-to-read pamphlets by revolutionaries like the Englishman Thomas Paine.

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: non-military residents of a state or nation. Not soldiers or sailors, but ordinary citizens whose lives during wartime are inevitably influenced by the tumult around them. As the Revolutionary War spread from north to south and along the western frontier, it engulfed civilians' lives in ways unprecedented in colonial America. Here we read first-person accounts that reflect the Patriot, Loyalist, and Indian civilian experience. While all were written by women, they document the experiences of male relatives, colleagues, neighbors, and enemies. (We recommend that these accounts be distributed among student groups for presentation to the class, which will then identify patterns and illustrative anomalies.)

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- Founding Fathers research papers look into the group of men who led the American Revolution and attended the Constitutional Convention in 1787.