They could mouth any ideology and religious belief.

Hello GS10: I have absolutely no doubts that Yahweh brought Israel back into their land, I also have no doubts that their survival has been miraculous, especially when those five countries came to destroy Israel forever, if all the greatest military strategists in the world were asked just one day prior to that six day war, “Can Israel Survive This War”? their answer would have been No Way!! even Israel’s top military men would have doubted they could win, by taking into consideration what they had to say after the war.

Politically, they were chameleons, intermarrying and infiltrating every other group.
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1. “The first was like a lion … it had the wings of an eagle. I watched until its wings were torn off … ” Dan2:4
This is ancient Babylon, with the emblem of a lion (string an an eagle, a bird of prey) – in context, not USA.

sorcerers.” (II, 14)Weishaupt wrote:

”The goal is to compromise people and then let them take the blame.
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The U.S. then became the seat of worldwide evangelism, like no other nation in the world. However, the U.S. has now abandoned its founding principles. In addition, Protestantism is corrupt with talking heads teaching the traditions of men. (Protestant seminaries overwhelmingly teach what men say ABOUT God. And, thus grow corrupt over generations).

”Formally” they are Christians, ”informally” they are occultists.

the Catholic Church my friends, we can see that Pope align himself with all the countries, look at the woman’s description she has a cup in her hand her colors of purple and scarlet drinking with the blood of the saints.

But they were enticements designed to win power.

my friends what church in the past had the power of church and state and persecuted the Saints? then received a fatal wound and lost all of its power?

As you might have noticed, these promises are not being kept.

when a woman is riding the beast in Revelation, keep in mind a woman is over the church a beast is it country or a power, which is saying a church will have the power of church and state once again. the Bible says for the deadly wound will be healed and the world will wonder after the beast!

Most historians won’t tell you this.

the Bible is clear, and I know by me throwing it out there like this many won’t believe. but if I was able to sit down with you in a detail Bible study of Daniel and the Book of Revelations you will see!

But there was one historian who did reveal the truth.

the two horned beast is also known as the false prophet, for this two horn beast will cost fire to fall from the sky before men, and enforce the mark of the beast! and translation fire in the sky are missiles, United States will use its technology to force all to receive the mark of the beast!