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If we, as leaders, are going to produce results, it’s through our impact on the people we work with. You probably don’t teach math personally, so if students are going to get better math scores, that’s going to happen because of how you lead your staff—how you impact the people on the very front lines of instruction.

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If you’re spending substantial time on work you’re not passionate about, take a few minutes to think about why that work matters. What impact are you having? Are you resolving conflicts? Identifying trends in data? Building relationships? Helping teachers improve?

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Urban schools are always in need of talented, passionate teachers who want to make a difference in the lives of their students. It is important to understand that urban districts will offer some challenges. Our members have indicated some of these challenges to be; less support from parents at home, language barriers, and undiagnosed learning disabilities which can all make for a very taxing teaching experience. But a great teacher has a passion for teaching that can transcend these difficulties. Great educators desire to make a difference and gain satisfaction by making a positive impact on people's lives.

There are tangible benefits to teaching in urban schools. The average salary for teachers in urban public schools is $51,200 for an educator with their bachelor's degree and as high as $58,400 for a teacher with a doctorate. "Furthermore, living in a city offers other great advantages as well. From cultural experiences like museums and plays, to active social scenes like nightclubs and restaurants, living in a city is never boring. Some of the most beautiful cities in the United States --- New York, Chicago, Francisco --- have urban schools in high need of teachers. For young teachers just beginning their careers, the city can offer some amazing opportunities." From, What is an Urban School?

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We may strive to dedicate equal time, or provide equal treatment, to each teacher, but the way we influence staff is one of the most important facets of school leadership to differentiate carefully.

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But that impact isn’t distributed evenly. Teachers are not mere conduits for our leadership. They’re complex human beings, who each respond differently to our leadership, because they have different needs, expectations, and personalities.

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It’s no secret that a teacher who is struggling can easily take up as much time as the rest of the faculty combined. Union meetings, planning meetings, feedback sessions, observations, paperwork—working with struggling teachers is important, but incredibly time-consuming when done right.

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If teachers are scoring formative assessments by hand instead of taking advantage of their BYOD program to allow technology to help, they’re missing crucial opportunities to obtain timely feedback about their teaching.

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While implementing sound strategy consistently is an obvious goal, we often ignore the question of efficiency. If we’re willing to work hard, why bother thinking about efficiency?