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He recalled, "General Marshall stated that from the point of view of the postwar safety of the nation he would have to argue against the use of the bomb in World War II, at least if its existence could be kept secret.

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His foes rapidly went silent, and finally his ridiculous cardboard models won the first nobel prize in chemistry (1901.)
Alfred Wegener (continental drift)

Wegener, an astronomer and explorer, attracted vitriolic attacks and namecalling from the geologist expert community for finding much solid evidence that the edges of Americas and Africa were once joined.

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MARSHALLGeneral George C.

Whenever the boss was scheduled to check up on them, they could shove it into an adjacent unused lab."
J Harlen Bretz

Endured decades of scorn as the laughingstock of the geology world.

American Rhetoric: George C. Marshall: The Marshall Plan

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Full text and audio of George C. Marshall -- The Marshall Plan Speech

After a talk with Marshall about the atomic bomb on June 12, 1947, Atomic Energy Commission Chairman David Lilienthal quoted Marshall in his diary as saying: