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Details of Oswald's murder at the Dallas police station fuel this conspiracy theory through Jack Ruby as the assassination of Oswald was very similar to a mafia silencing as even small details such as Ruby's outfit (a long trench coat and a bowling hat) seemed to theorists far to similar to mafia style dress to be a coincidence.

This in turn makes them a key suspect and is a catalyst in this conspiracy theory.

When one stops to consider that almost each one of the "mysterious" deaths requires the recruitment of at least one and often several new conspirators, it would seem that, like the pyramid club, the conspiracy would be getting bigger and bigger rather than smaller.

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One of the key factors of this conspiracy theory that makes it somewhat reliable is the Cold War.

The recurring idea in terms of why the mob would kill the president is that the president and his brother Robert (the attorney general) were cracking down on organized crime in terms of the various Italian/Sicilian crime families embedded into the underworld of America and as a result the mob wanted Kennedy gone and his Bobby's spirit broken.

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For the hard-core conspiracy believers, it's because a "clean-up squad" is going around the country killing off people who might "blow the whistle!"This theme was first taken up by Penn Jones, Jr., publisher of the Midlothian Mirror, a small-town Texas paper.

Published in May 1964, Thomas Buchanan's Who Killed Kennedy

JFK Jr was more than "the sexiest man alive". He was a man with something to prove. He is the only Kennedy to ever acknowledge that there may have been a conspiracy and a cover up around his father's assassination, and some say he was getting ready to expose the truth.

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For every witness who might potentially "spill the beans," a team of conspiracy operatives must keep a close surveillance in order to catch the moment when the person decides to talk, and then promptly kill the witness.

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Other inspiration promoting this conspiracy theory comes from the fact that the CIA were known for cover ups and in particular; the assassination of large public figures (for example their many attempts on Fidel Castro).

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Kennedy's rushed autopsy at the demand of the secret service at Parkland hospital and the large amount of confusion surrounding details of Kennedy's death were both indicators that suggest the CIA were looking to cover up Kennedy's death before any substantial evidence regarding who killed the president could be discovered.