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"The list of professionals in this latter category is unimaginably long. This list would include (but is not be limited to) , journalists, academicians (in numerous categories of research), climate scientists, air and water testing agency personnel, physicians, pilots, related equipment and material suppliers, etc. Once their actions and involvement in the climate engineering assault () are fully exposed to their families and friends, we have a real chance to halt the insanity. " This is the single most important sentence that I have read from you Dane. People are always asking what can they do, and how can they help. Ratting out the people who are getting paid to keep secrets is a great place to start. Every one of them has friends, family, neighbors, etc who know something. They need to be encouraged to reveal what they know.

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Consider the following dilemma: the syndicate that profits by deception does so via lying by omission, since it is difficult to 'see' what is hidden. However, in cases where the wrongdoing is in the 'open,' the matter is different. For instance, Aristotle has noted that 'Public and open injuries are the easiest to do, because nobody could at all suppose them possible, and therefore no precautions are taken. The same is true of crimes so great and terrible that no man living could be suspected of them: here too no precautions are taken.' So then, how can we 'suppose' crimes of this nature to be possible? Aristotle would note once more 'that people think they can themselves most easily do wrong to others without being punished for it if they possess eloquence, or practical ability, or much legal experience, or a large body of friends, or a great deal of money. Their confidence is greatest if they personally possess the advantages mentioned: but even without them they are satisfied if they have friends or supporters or partners who do possess them: they can both commit their crimes and escape being found out and punished for committing them.' Now, suppose that a significant 'class' of persons on the 'inside' of this syndicate were to fear these crimes so great and terrible as to threaten the very breath of life on the globe? Still, the question remains: what sorts of 'qualities' must such persons on the inside of this syndicate possess to quell the threat, given the lengths to which this syndicate has gone to empower itself over time? Indeed, there is no 'magic bullet,' but there is virtue that strengthens at the wound. And there is the reckoning of that American revolutionary, Ethan Allen, who wrote: 'That law alone, which is engraven on our hearts by the hand of the creator, is unchangeable and universal and eternal obligation. The law, Cicero says, is not a human invention, oor an arbitrary political institution, it is in its nature eternal and of universal obligation.' Indeed, did not Livy and Shakespeare tell of that consummate insider, Lucius Junius Brutus, who was perceived to be a dullard, but cunningly would draw the knife from Lucretia's corpse? For is not the Rape of Lucretia as the Rape of Nature now? And who will grieve her mortal wound, if not those who are decent?

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Hi Sean, The symptoms you describe are very much like what I experienced after a low level dump of some sort took place over our farm in late May 2012. Within 24-36 hrs. I suffered caustically burnt sinuses and throat which took 4 months and 2 visits to an ENT specialist to recover from. ( I had never been to an ENT specialist before in my life nor have I since) I also had aching spine and joints, tightness in my upper chest and back ( also I have no history of heart issues or high blood pressure), loose stools, burning eyes, mental confusion, & a slight twitch to my lower right eyelid for 2 or 3 days. Oddly about a week or 10 days later my lips and nose peeled slightly. I have no doubt the illness I (and also some of my animals) suffered was directly related to the incident. I had a metals test run by a doctor (unfortunately I assumed they would automatically check for aluminum & barium- but I learned this must be requested specially) and small amounts of Arsenic, Mercury, and Lead were shown. Fortunately I sought the help of a natural health expert and learned some tips from Dane, Russ Tanner and others to help cleanse my body of the toxic material. I remained healthy until this past season when I came down with a slight cough in the fall and a pretty nasty head cold last February. Fortunately I've regained good health again and am going full steam ahead with anti-geoengineering & other activism every day, every chance I get. I'm mad as HELL and NOT TAKING this anymore!! Hope this info. helps others.