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Do a better job with the action. There are some fantastic action sequences in the books, and there should have been better training scenes/fight choreography in the film, as well as photography and editing that showed them off better. C’mon, how are these scenes better in the books than in the movie?

I love that there are so man responses to this post. Though I do agree with you on some of your points, I actually enjoyed the movie. Was it the movie I would made (were I that talented) – probably not. But I had a fun with it and I really enjoyed the actors. I do think there was a lot of info dumping but it wasn’t as bad as I’ve seen it done in other movies. And I though Zoey and Danila were cute together! Clearly this is a really divisive film. People seem to love it or hate it. I guess I’m not of the love it camp albeit in a I know it’s campy but I kind of love it way.

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Before watching it, were you happy with the cast ? Because from the trailers/interviews/promos, I’m REALLY happy with the actors, but after reading your review I feel a bit skeptical.

So, so bummed that it was bad. I really loved this book.

I agree with you about the later books in the series–I didn’t like Sydney, or the way things were resolved with Dimitri (or Adrian, for that matter)–so I haven’t read the spinoff series. I really, really, really loved the first few books, though, so the movie kind of broke my heart.

I’m sad for her, too, but she has handled it so, so well!

psst..*whispers* I have never tried a Mead book. I know, I know i am the last person on Earth who hasn’t. I can safely say I won’t be watching the film, but I still want to try the books.

Thanks for the very thorough, entertaining post, ladies!

Danila Kozlovsky is gorgeous, but I don’t think he succeeded in portraying Dimitri. It’s hard to understand his dialogues because of the accent, and he seemed so…stiff? And you guys are right; there are no chemistry between Dimitri and Rose at all in the movie, which is kind of surprising to me since Danila and Zoey definitely clicked in real life. It’s a PAIN to watch the charm scene.

Thanks for taking one for the team here.

The real problem for me with the Twilight movies is that all the major characters wore color contacts (including Kristen Stewart). You can’t act with colored contacts in, because so many emotions get conveyed through things like pupil dilation. Colored contacts move people into the uncanny valley, like they’re cg creatures or something.

I looooove the books so much. I hope you give them a chance sometime.

And I’m a bit upset that they made Mason look like just another boy with an unrequited crush. I don’t quite remember everything in the book but I do remember loving Mason and Rose’s friendship. I think that that got downplayed in the movie.