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What other societal factors, aside from an increase in pornography, might have led to the decrease in crimes in Japan? And if pornography doesn't lead to rape and sex crimes, what does? Obviously these are complicated multifaceted questions. In response, we agree with many (e.g., Brannigan. 1997; Fisher & Barak, 1991, Gottfredson & Hirschi, 1990) that crimes in general are not simply a matter of "monkey see - monkey do." As with most other crimes, sex crimes are usually opportunistic, given little forethought and typically committed by individuals with poor self or social control. And such individuals are often identifiable before they would be exposed to any substantial SEM. More than half of adult sex offenders were often known to be adolescent sex offenders (Abel, 1985; Knopp, 1984). As Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990) state: ". . . the origins of criminality of low self control are to be found in the first six or eight years of life, during which time the child remains under the control and supervision of the family or a familial institution . . . policies directed towards enhancement of the ability of familial institutions to socialize children are the only realistic long-term state policies with potential for substantial crime reduction (pp. 272-273).

Child pornography is pornography that exploits children for sexual stimulation
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X- 112.32.433. Related to Access Control and PolicyEnforcement, 512.3.1 Filtering Technologies, 512.3.2 Technologies for Authentication and AgeVerification, 592.3.3 Encryption (and End-to-End Opacity), 652.3.4 Anonymizers, 662.3.5 Location Verification, 66What the Future May Bring, 68 THE ADULT ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY 71The Structure and Scale of the Online Adult EntertainmentIndustry, 72The Generation of Revenue, 74Practices Related to Minors, 78What the Future May Hold, 793.4.1 The Structural Evolution of the Industry, 793.4.2 Increased Regulation, 793.4.3 Future Products and Services, 81Industry Structure, Product Differentiation, and AggressivePromotion, 82LEGAL AND REGULATORY ISSUESThe First Amendment, 844.1.1 First Principles, 844.1.2 The First Amendment, Pornography, and Obscenity, 864.1.3 The First Amendment and Protecting Children fromExposure to Sexually Explicit Material, 89The First Amendment Rights of Minors, 924. The First Amendment and Child Pornography, 934.1.6 The First Amendment in Public Libraries, 944.1.7 The First Amendment in Public Schools, 954.1.8 The First Amendment and the CommercialAdvertising of Sexually Explicit Material, 96Relevant Statutes and Common Law, 964.2.1 Federal Obscenity Statutes, 964.2.2 Child Pornography Statutes, 974.2.3 The Communications Decency Act, 994.2.4 The Child Online Protection Act, 1014.2.5 The Children's Internet Protection Act, 1034.2.6 The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, 1044.2.7 State Statutes, 1074.2.8 Regulatory Efforts, 10784

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Likewise, a single person might find Christian porn instructional if it better prepares them for relating to their future spouse. One of the complaints against conventional pornography is that it creates unrealistic expectations about sex and warps the viewer’s attitudes towards sexuality and the opposite sex. This argument could not be made against Christian porn, because it would be presenting a healthy and realistic representation of married Christian sexual life, and would be modeling correct and respectful husband-wife relationships, creating a positive vision for what can be expected in a future marriage.